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what is the hardest part of air force basic training?

i leave for the air force in a month and i was wondering what the hardest part of basic ...please dont say its mental.or if that is the truth give me examples please!!! also what should i practice??

thanks so much


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    Hello Joe,

    I think that there "is" an element of mental conditioning that all of us have to have to get through basic training.

    I'll mention it "third."

    First, I think that you need to do two things now.

    #1. Never enter a fast food restaurant again. Stop eating: pizza, hamburgers, cheese burgers, hot dogs, french fries, donuts, cakes, pies, ice cream, beer, and other fattening foods. You do not want to be on the AF "fat boy" program (Officially called the Weight Management Program). You will gain some pounds in basic and if you are at the limit now - it will be difficult to stay off the weight management program. Learn to eat the kinds of foods that your Granny used to cook. Do not ask for cheese omelets or "everything" omelets at the breakfast line. Eggs, scrambled or "over" are ok. Don't eat "S.O.S." but once a week! It is so tasty and a diet of daily "S.O.S" will make you fat.

    #2, Exercise: For the next 30 days, you need to begin a training routine to help you for when you will be out marching all day and for long distances.

    Running: Every other day, run for 15 minutes. You don't have to try to make the 1 mile and 1/2 during that time. Just build up your running legs and endurance. You will do lots of running at basic.

    Push ups: When you are not running in the off-day you do 2 minutes worth of push ups. Try to just build up the muscles for endurance.

    Sit ups: (crunches). After push ups do 2 minutes worth of crunches. Build up muscle endurance. Don't worry about how many you can do.

    Pull ups: Most people can not do 1 pull up. A pull up is opposite hands on the bar than a "chin up." Try to do as many pull ups as you can manage.

    #3. OK. Here is the mental thing. I hope it helps.

    T.I. hollering at you - in your face.

    Learn this: It means "nothing." He is NOT mad at you and he does not HATE you. What is is doing is "teaching the entire flight" from the mistake of one airman.

    We do not have time to keep correcting 50 people from making the same mistake over and over. You WILL goof. And, he will get into your face. LOOK THROUGH HIM as if he were glass. Say nothing. Don't smile. Don't grin. Don't cry. He screams and hollers so that the other 49 members of your flight gives him their attention and learns NOT to make the same mistake you did.

    Oh, they will make their own mistakes, for sure, and each person will get the feeling of the "T.I." in the face, experience. So, he only has to holler 50 times for 50 mistakes rather than 50 x 50 times if he has to correct everybody over and over again. No time for that.

    It's all about "getting your undivided attention" and keeping you focused on the task at hand. Your mind can not wander back to thoughts of your girlfriend or wife. Or anything else about home. You are not home and from this point on you will never really "go home" again. You will be on your own and making a new home where you are stationed.

    And, if you reenlist, and go for a career - your "Home" will only be the "home of your parents" or your "childhood home." A man's home is where he's at and hangs his hat and raises his family.

    So, that is the "mental" conditioning I would leave with you - even though you did not ask for it.

    Learn to make your bed "tight" the very first time.

    Do not be like Private Leonard (Gomer Pyle) Lawrence from "Full Metal Jacket."

    And, don't take food from the mess hall.

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith

    Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 - 1989.
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    It is dependent upon what you do not forget difficult. For a few, the bodily coaching would be the toughest on account that they hate to run or do push ups. For a few, the IT's steady yelling would be the toughest side. Just take into account it is only a sport. For a few, memorizing the whole thing they inform you are going to be complex, or marching and drill, or a quantity of alternative matters. Go to the Air Force internet site and evaluation their movies on elementary, they are similar to what's going to occur to you.

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    Read that. This is from a recruit that recalls his time at basic training.

    I dont know you to tell you what you will have difficulty with. For some it is all mental for others (the heavier ones who cant run fast) its physical. You can not predict or prepare for what will come at you and your flight. I know my husband would have studied everything ranks rules etc. They quiz you on it whenever they feel like it and its not you who gets punished for it if you dont know the answer. Its your flight who gets punished.

    Good Luck!

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    AF basic involves physical conditioning, following what seem to be a bunch of silly rules, some class room studies about military law and practices, keeping yourself and your living area spotless, learning about military protocol like saluting, etc. They will push you to the limit both physically and mentally. Go with the flow or as we said, "Cooperate and graduate".

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    My husband says the hardest part for him was not yelling back at the TI's....its ALL a huge mental game. He also said its hard to realize that all the dumb little things you do have a purpose.His last piece of advice is that no matter what dumb things happen with your flight worse has happened to past recruits. Good luck to you!

    Source(s): My active duty husband
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