Baby names that make you want to laugh- or cry?

Here's a list of baby names that I've come across- on Yahoo, on blogs, or just by Google, that people have actually named their babies. At first I just start laughing, then start crying for those unfortunate children. Get ready for the big, the bad, and the ugly.


Joseph (that's right. Joseph it is. Do you like Joseph Isabelle, or Joseph Marie better?)

Quebec, nickname Becca


Liberty Belle

Chynna (like China)

Scotlyn (because Scotland is just such a masculine name, you have to add the -lyn)

Rwanda (hey, who WOULDN'T want to be named after a psychotic nation of genocide?)





Graycelynn (extra Ys and Ns are always fun. As is combining two unrelated names)

Mercury Sappho (yes, that's right. Mercury, the male Roman god, and Sappho, from the isle of Lesbos...)


Ohara Blythe


Brezlyn James (oh, yes, I'm sure any footballer would love to take Brezlyn James to prom)









Cadei (like Katie)

Lakoda (can't even spell it right!)


Eiyenne (like Ian)

Trig (as in, Trig Palin)

McCalin (combo of McCain and Palin, found right here on Yahoo Answers last year)

O'Bama (another interesting choice, though I do admire his politics over McCain's or Palin's)

O'Baidan (I think this is a combination of Obama and Biden... again, not entirely sure...)

What do you think of these absurd names? What insane names have YOU come across?

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    La-Ya, and you pronounce the dash.

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    1. Your first child is a daughter. She has big, beautiful jasmine green eyes, rosy cheeks and a regular-tan skin tone. She giggles all the time, and the baby fluff hair she has is a light brown. She sleeps well and when she gets older, she is a delightful little girl who loves to play jump rope. What is your first bundle of joy's name? Darcy Joy 2. Your second child is also a girl. She has green eyes like her sister, but they are darker and a little smaller. Her skin is peachy and she has a few freckles. She loves her parents and cries in the middle of the night because she misses you. When she gets older she is a shy, sweet girl with brown curls. What is little dear's name? Megan Eve 3. Your 3rd child is a beautiful baby boy! He has grayish blue eyes and is a bald baby, but when he gots older he grows sweet blond curls. He has freckles like sister #2. He gets fussed over by his little sister. He is 100% boy-loves playing and making messes and mischief! What is this little troublemaker's name? Finley James 4. Another beautiful baby girl! This one looks like her oldest sister with big eyes and darkish brown hair and tannish skin, but she has brownish-gray eyes. She is a goofy baby and laughs at her own giggles but makes everyone else laugh too. When she gets older she is quite a character! What is this sweetheart's name? Kiera Mai 5. This time, you are adoption 2 little boys from Africa. They are twins and look alike, but their personalities definatly differ. One of them is outgoing and adventorous, the other is shy and likes to read or play quietly inside. They both have dark skin, curly black hair and big, beautiful brown eyes. What are these 2 boy's names? Kyson Samuel Kaden Matthew 6. You are adopting again-this time a beautiful daughter from India. She has beautiful exotic eyes that are a light brown, slightly tanned skin and wavy, thick black hair. She is very intelligent and creative. What is this beautiful girl's name? Tierney Faith 7. You want just one more, but you get a big surprise-triplets! 2 boys and 1 girl! The boys both have grayish blue eyes and light skin and brown hair, and the girl has rosy cheeks, peachy skin, blueish gray eyes and sandy blond hair. The boys are both sweet, kind and caring and the girl is the star of the show-outgoing, talented and adorable. What are these triplets names? Dillian George Liam Reece Cassidy Rose

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    My favorites are Poverty, Praline, Caribou, and all those lovely political monstrosities. Especially Praline- I mean, really. My mom and I make those every Christmas, I might as well name my daughter it. *eyeroll* Rwanda is a lovely choice as well. And ugh, it's bad enough when girls have masculine names, there are ACTUALLY people who DO give males female names?? That's when the tears really start coming.

    Le-A, as stated previously. Abcde (absiddy. Sounds like abcess!). Nevaeh, how could you forget backwards Heaven? ESPECIALLY when the name doesn't even SPELL heaven. (Like the one I saw earlier- Naavuh. Reminds me of the Na'vi from Avatar. :\)

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    I will say that I like Novalee, spelled Novalie, and Blythe is wonderful.

    You guys! Trig is not that bad. As much as I hate Sarah Palin, the name doesn't seem nearly as distasteful as some others I've seen.

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    ahahahaha Liberty Belle. And Passion... there's a future hooker.

    Here are some I've seen



    Earl (saw that today in fact)

    Mydysynn (ugliest version of Madison to date)

    Jezebel (said they wanted a biblical name... haha)

    Cookie (stripper alert!)


    Nevaeh (yes, we've all seen it, but I think it's RIDICULOUS)



    Bambi (seen this a couple times)

    La'Fay'Elle (punctuation included)



    Lauren (no joke)

    Castro (who doesn't want to be named after a communist?)



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    Only the politicain ones made me laugh.

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    Don't forget the one's the celebs use on their children:



  • OHEMMGEE!!!! UR KRAZEE! Dos namez r butyfull....I LUV THEM!!!!


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    Those poor kids..

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