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Please can anyone help me with the Town code and other Trivia for 106.1 Radio Station for 6/28/10?

Good Evening and Morning!

Cowboy in me was the last song Tim sang Saturday night.

Thank You in advance.

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    country 92.5





  • Linda
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    Y 108 Trivia for August 3rd AOL Travel: Copper Pine Cafe Awesome San Diego: 12 Champions: a) Joe Carter Country Music: a) Free HSW: Laptops often use a smaller memory modules to save space, such as these Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Modules. HSW II: The Hood Milk Bottle on the Boston Wharf is large enough to hold about 50,000 gallons of milk. Currently it operates as an ice cream stand near the Boston Children's Museum. HSW III: Speedee It was Legendary : b) $1,000,000 Part Deux: b) canoe race This Day in History: b) Calvin Coolidge Man vs Food: Would you consider buying Zantac® to address your heartburn or acid indigestion?

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    Sacramento, CA radio clubs

    KSEG (Eagle), KUIC, ESPN 1320, The Buzz 106.5

    Eagle 96.9 Listen & Win

    Kat: power naps

    Blue Plate Special: crazy

    Word Du Jour: coo coo's nest

    Alice 97.3 San Francisco

    word of the day: bad

    KUIC 93.7 Fairfield/Vacaville

    Bonus code site for 10000 pts:

    *Cache Creek Casino Resort: 11

    *Jackson Rancheria: Dalton

    Amazing fiesta

    Awesome bernardo

    AOL Travel: hurry

    Consumer Guides Auto Trivia: box

    Games 'n eCards: charms official

    HowStuffWorks II: sequential

    Internet Explorer 8: features

    Pink Lyric: Ah, the sun is blindin'

    Sleuth: light

    Multiple choice: ABC

    Have a great night!

  • Chris
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    For The River 105.9 Hartford, CT

    Amazing Trivia - Fiesta

    Awesome - Bernardo

    AOL - Hurry

    Champions - b) New York Yankees

    Classic Rock Challenge - c) Led Zeppelin IV

    Consumer Guides - Box

    Games N Cards - charms

    How Stuff Works - official

    How Stuff Works II - 83,000

    It Was Legendary - b) 1972

    Part Deux - a) Beauty and the Beast -

    This Day In History - b) 1919

    Liberty Bank - BreakFree

    Sleuth -

    For Country 92.5 in Hartford, CT:

    Country Music - c) 5

    Country Video - Fourth of July

    For Club 957 and 101 Hot Spot in CT:

    Top Video on Demand - FALSE

    Music Pop Quiz - a) Dress up like her

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    Good morning

    AOL: Hurry! Limited Rooms Available

    Champions B New York Yankees

    Consumer: Glove box open


    games: charms

    HSW: Doesn't have an official name

    HSW2: 83,000

    Hot Music: B Spain

    Hot Video: Acoustic 6 String Guitar

    Legend: B 1972

    Part Deux A Beauty and the Beast

    San Diego: Fiesta De Reyes

    San Diego North: Bernardo Winery

    History: B 1919


    sleuth. Light

    WRVE 99.5


    CCT you love sneakin up on

    930 I love you

    11 Gene




    B95 Rob Thomas Something to be

    625 close

    925 forget

    B2W john mayer



    8am star





    early pool

    7 phone








    Dinner and Movie

    Law or Illusion law

    Who Said

    Magic 101


    12- summer



    Artist Day

    9 A-

    12 A -

    3 A -

    6 A -

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    106.1 WMIL

    Artist - Chris Young

    Cafe - Potato Chips

    Town - Glendale

    Facebook - Big Gig

    Summerfest - 12-Pack

    Team - Cincinnati Reds

    Karen's Kritter - Taffy

    Radar's Driver - Tony Stewart

    US 99.5 Chicago

    Artist - Alan Jackson

    Andy's - Andy's Frozen Custard

    All Access: Tim McGraw - Tim

    TRIVIA (both)

    Sleuth - light

    San Diego -Fiesta de Reyes

    San Diego North - Bernardo Winery

    AOL - Hurry! Limited rooms available

    Consumer Guides -Glove box open

    How Stuff Works (Vatican City) - It doesn't have an official name

    How Stuff Works II (Fuel Injections) - sequential multi-port fuel injection

    Sentry Insurance - Actual Cash Value

    Country Music Video -Fourth of July

    I could still use the code word for PLS Loans from 6/25?

    PFA - WANT ! ! !

    jcm (Janet)

    Source(s): Me and my YA friends. Thanks ! ! !
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    Artist: Alan Jackson

    AOL: Hurry! Limited Rooms Available

    Consumer: Glove Box Open

    Games: Charms

    HSW: Doesn't Have An Official Name

    HSW II: 83,000

    SanDiego: Fiesta De Reyes

    SanDiego North: Bernardo Winery

    ABC works for most trivia

  • JC
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    10 years ago

    LONE STAR 92.5 - Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas

    Trivia for 06/28/2010

    Cobo Wabo Tequila => 38

    AOL Travel Trivia => Hurry! Limited Rooms Available!

    Amazing => Fiesta de Reyes

    Awesome => Bernardo Winery

    Champions => b) New York Yankees

    Classic Rock Challenge => c) Led Zeppelin IV

    Consumer Guides Auto => Glove box open

    Games 'n eCards Trivia => Charms

    How Stuff => It doesn't have an official name II Trivia => 83,000

    It was Legendary! => b) 1972

    Part Deux => a) Beauty and the Beast

    Sleuth Trivia => LIGHT (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction - Xbox pg2)

    This Day in History => b) 1919

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    Planned parenthood - and men

    Amazing San Diego - Fiesta de Reyes

    AOL travel - Hurry limited rooms available

    Awesome San Diego North - Bernardo Winery

    Consumer Guide - glove box open

    Country Music Trivia - same question as yesterday - C Keith Urban - answer is still not working. Sent station another message

    How stuff works - It doesn't have an official name

    How stuff works II - 83,000

    Good morning. Couldn't sleep so I thought I would answer some questions. For the GAR folks, don't forget to check their home page for your name, don't know what the prize is, but it's an easy win. Only one Scan n win listed for this week at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Mentor.

    Have a great day.


    Some more questions have come up, so here are the answers:

    Champions - B

    Country Music Trivia - the question has now changed and the answer is C - 5

    Games n eCards - charms

    It was legendary - B - 1972

    Part Deux - A - Beauty and the Beast

    This day in history - B - 1919

    Source(s): research
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Monday June 28,2010

    Hope everyone had a safe and fun filled weekend

    Andy's - Andy's Frozen Custard

    Artist - Alan Jackson

    AOL - Hurry! Limited Rooms Available

    Consumer - Glove Box Open

    Games - Charms

    HSW - Doesn't Have An Official Name

    HSW II - 83,000

    SanDiego - Fiesta De Reyes

    SanDiego North - Bernardo Winery

    Sleuth - Light

    Joan K.

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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Abbott’s - 1902

    AmazingSanDiego - Fiesta de Reyes

    Aol - Hurry

    Awesome SanDiego - Bernardo

    Champions - B

    Consumer Guide - Glove Box Open

    Country Music - C

    Games n Cards - Charms

    How Stuff Works - Official

    How Stuff Works II - 83,000

    It Was Legendary - B

    Part Deux - A

    This Day In History - B

    Music Survey - Weekend

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