sysytem of a down back together?

okay, so, i have, not just recently, but for the past year or so system of a down has been my favorite band. and i mean, i never realized them until after they split. i thought that they were together until last summer. so my question is this, when are they (if ever) going to get back together. i read a past question, but that was asked in 2008, so is there any additional and newer information. i really freaking want to know cause i never got to see them cause when they were famous i was young, not real young, but not old enough to go to one of their shows. so yeah, anyone know anything?

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    System hasn't determined when they will reunite. But they've formed other projects since 2006 when they went on their hiatus.

    Their vocalist Serj Tankian has released a solo album called "Elect the Dead", composing all the songs and instrumentals in 2007. He also made his first solo live album called "Elect the Dead Symphony", a orchestral version of his first album when he performed in 2009 with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra which was released earlier this year. His sophomore album "Imperfect Harmonies" is going to be released in the late 2010 summer.

    Guitarist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan formed a band entitled Scars on Broadway, and released their debut in 2008. And bassist Shavo Odadjian collaborated with Wu-Tang Clan founder The Rza and created a side project called AcHoZeN.

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    im not sure but it would be awesome if they did. they're badass

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