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What was the last boxing match you saw live?

Last night my brother in law and I went to the Turning Stone Casino to see a 7 fight card. The headline fight was LaJuan Simon vs. Jose Angel Rodrigues. That fight was very good. The best fighter of the night was 2 women Jackie Trivilino vs Angel Gladney. There was also a very good fight between Philly fighter Jamaal Davis and a Indy fighter Mustafah Johnson...But the one thing that is etched in my mind is the 2nd KO by local fighter Andy Mejias...this dude had the best following. Mad people in the arena were sporting his t-shirts and cheering him on. He came in with the most elaborate rob and trunks. He was tested in the 1st round but showed great resilence and heart to put his opponent to sleep the next round in an exciting one punch KO. Along with that and getting a free t-shirt from a ring card girl it made for a great night of boxing.


Blog, Super 6 trumps mine...and to be close to Tommy you mustve had great wife got us great seats for out fight as was awesome being about to take pics with fighters, speak to them and the ringcard girls

Update 2:

Woody, I am jealous...don't know how manyof you know this but Felix Trinidad was one of my favorite fighters in my lifetime

Update 3:

Unknown one get back out soon...I think I will do it more often Philly's Mike JOnes (the strong Welterweight is fighting in Atlantic City soon...I'm trying to get my wife to let me go.

Update 4:

John B, Vasquez/ Marquez seemed to be a let down but Mares/ Perez was a very good fight. Good for you. Club Nokia did a fight last week that had 2 fighters I'ld love to se...Gary Rusell Jr. and Jesse Vargas

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    Hi Sean,

    The last live boxing match I saw was Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs John Duddy. Previously I also watched Ivan Calderon vs Alfonso Iribe and Miguel Cotto vs Yuri Foreman. As far as being in a boxing event, my last two had a huge gap, one was the Marquez vs Juan Diaz 1 in Houston and the Pacquaio vs Clottey in Dallas (Arlington). In the fight in Houston, I was with my best friend while the Pacquaio vs Clottey, I took my fiance' and we were not very far from the front row. I was right in front of the hall where Pacquaio and Clottey made their entrance.

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    Sounds like you had a good night man! I've been meaning to attend one of the Fight Night Clubs at Club Nokia in Downtown L.A. since I live in the area. Hopefully I'll have time this summer and if I have the extra dough I'll catch the Bradley-Abregu/Angulo-Alcine matchup that's a couple of hours away.

    The last fight I've attended was Israel Vasquez vs Rafael Marquez IV at the Staples Center in L.A. It was only my second time attending Staples for a fight since Vargas-Mayorga in 2007 and I was expecting a good fight from the two Mexican warriors. I bought the ticket the same day since I knew 1) fight wasn't in much demand and 2) I figured I could get the best seat for the cheapest price. Let's just say that my $25 dollar ticket and where I sat would have easily been $100+ bucks for the Mosley-Margarito fight. It was a decent atmosphere, talked up some good ol fashioned Mexican boxing with the 'old timers' (positive connotation) and one of my middle school teachers (I'm 19) actually recognized me which was kinda creepy cause I couldn't believe she knew who I was after all those years and half-beard haha. Perez-Mares stole the show as Mexicans and a small but loud group of Colombians cheered the fight on. Vasquez-Marquez fight was okay as you know how it turned out but it was still a refreshing atmosphere, I think they counted the attendance like 10,100 something so it wasn't all that bad. I was kinda looking forward to seeing Juanma Lopez so I can scold him on him being a little b*tch for ducking Gamboa and Caballero, but didn't see him haha.

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    Wow! That was a long tine ago. I attended Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvelous Marvin Hagler at the Caesars Palace (Vegas) outside arena on April 6, 1987. I actually paid $900 for a ringside seat and got handed a real dose of reality. Apparently there were two ringside sections; one for the celebrities and the one I sat in. I was seated probably 15 rows back and boy was I pissed! I enjoyed the high energy atmosphere anyway but I will go to my grave believing that Hagler was robbed.

    I cannot remember who was on the undercard that night, but I do remember one happening that I thought was pretty funny. As soon as the winner was announced Don King jumped into the ring to grab some of the spotlight like he always did in previous bouts, but this was a time that he and Arum were fueding and this particuliar fight was promoted by Arum. Arum apparently told security to be on the lookout for King and his antics and as soon as he entered the ring 2 or 3 security guards grabbed him, lifted him off his feet and roughly removed him from the ring. The look on King's face was priceless!! hahaha!

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    The last live fight I attended was Dirrell/Abraham at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. Vernon Paris had a fight on the under card, and it was part of that Super Middle weight tournament, so it was a significant event with a Vegas like atmosphere. Dirrell shined, the fight ended on a DQ because of a blow by Abraham while Dirrell was already down from a slip. It was a really great fight that ended badly.

    We met Andre Ward at ringside and my nine year old daughter got to meet Tommy Hearns that night as well. Hearns was sitting a couple seats over from us and he was his usual cool self. My nine year old told him that she wanted to meet him because he had met her brother and two sisters a month or two earlier and they bragged to her that they had met him. Tommy spent about five minutes talking to this kid while dozens of people were trying to approach him for autographs and stuff, Hearns is a class act. Tommy is currently doing some work with an MMA promotional group that my buddy trains fighters with and still active in the business.

    I sat with a Boxing Illustrated writer who was from Montreal and he was a big Lucian Bute fan, we talked boxing and enjoyed the atmosphere. You can never get to too many fights, each is an experience, and over the years I have been blessed to be there for a lot of big ones. I been to about a dozen big fights and probably 50 or so smaller fight cards over the years. Some have been really epic ones with historical significance and it's always a charge to meet the bigger name fighters. When I think back I been going to major fights since Roy Jones fought James Toney and I have met just about everyone who was anyone in the past 25 years.

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    I've only been to one live fight and that was on January 11, 1997, when Felix Trinidad and Kevin Lueshing squared off. Due to the venue of the fight, I was able to get free tickets to the fight. Anyway, Trinidad and Lueshing gave three exciting rounds of boxing, which I thought would be a tough act to follow, after seeing what local native, Terrence Churchwell did Charles Sims in the first round. Unfortunately, the Showtime viewers didn't get to see that match.

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    cool. About 2 months ago I went to a Pro Boxing Event at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma WA. Two guys from our Boxing Club were the undercard fighters. there names are Dean and Eddie.

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    A local Amateur Boxing show that I fought In. Boxing in Chicago Isn't worth talking about because most of the big fights don't come here.

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