Weird Dreams with Car Crashes?

Lately I have been experiencing weird dreams involving me the driver and a car accident. From what I remember a few days ago, I had a dream and I was speeding going through red lights and going onto the highway ramp way faster than I would ever go and hitting some random pole that was oddly placed and totaled my parents car. Another dream recently was I was driving with a girl and we were going around town and influenced me to speed or be a little careless and we head towards a wall and skid turning the car sideways to hit the wall, but right before I hit it she says "BYE" and disappears. And the most odd one lately was I was driving my car and all the parts kept falling apart, like the dashboard just drops on the ground as I am driving... It is very weird... Also, sometimes recently I wake up thinking I am doing my job (work at automotive factory) and I missed a few cars down the line. BTW, my job is pretty easy going and its hard for me to even not finish. It is just weird. Can anyone help?

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  • Bunny7
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    I don't think the two types of dreams are related...unless either YOU or someone you work with 'misses' some parts and you happen to be the unfortunate one that crashes because of it! I think your first 'set' of dreams is a WARNING of a potential future wreck. It doesn't mean it WILL happen, it just is warning you that it 'can happen.' If there are any things you DO driving that you shouldn't...or bad driving habits that need corrected...then DO THEM. Also be 'wary' when you are riding with others. Dreams can be symbolic perhaps the 'crash' in your dream that is pictured as a car crash is meant to symbolize the 'worry' of a JOB in 'job crash' since this IS what you do for a living. If so then ALL the dreams may be linked after all... I think it is highly likely you are 'internally' worried (and who isn't in this economy) that you MIGHT lose your job...or CRASH. The second dream would symbolize YOU 'doing something' to CAUSE you to lose your job...but not in reality, JUST A REFLECTION of the 'same thought' which is THAT YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR JOB.

    Hope this helps...its all I can think of!



  • bohrn
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