Pop Up Camper in Roof ac unit wont work?

My son in law has a pop up camper and the roof ac unit wont work you turn it on and the condensor fans runs but the compressor wont kick in, I was told the start up relay normally goes bad, but I have check voltage on all the relays and capacitors and there is 120 volts on all connections, i check the top of the compressor and there are 3 connectors and they all have 120 volts, so my question is this voltage to low to high or what, I don't know to much about these but I did start checking wires and everything has 120 volts???????

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  • 10 years ago
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    It could be low on refrigerant or have a leak in the system. Add tracer dye and recharge. then you can check for leaks with UV light.

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  • dizdar
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    3 years ago

    optimistically the electrician did no longer reason a fireplace probability. The breaker is sized for the dimensions cord it is put in and if he raised the amperage with out checking you have a fireplace because of the overheating of the cord. 15amp for 14ga cord and 20 amp for 12 ga cord. Your unit is blowing the two 15 and 20 amp then there's a severe short someplace. ether interior the electrical powered service to the wall plug or your unit has a quick. attempt and reset the breaker with a good equipment plugged into the opening and if no holiday you be attentive to the electrical powered is nice and bypass back to the 15 amp breaker. Don' call him an electrician except he knows what he's doing. desire this permits.

  • 10 years ago

    it may have a safety shut off that wont allow the compressor to come on if the system is low on freon. check the freon level and see if its low. if it is add freon and dye so u can see where the leak is coming from. good luck

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