where can i buy a metal water meter cover and how much do they sale for?

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  • joea
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    10 years ago
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    water meter box covers are typically provided to you by your local water utility for free - now if its for personnel use inside your property, than best place is a concrete casting company that makes the boxes for just such use -

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  • baden
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    3 years ago

    Water Meter Cover

  • Mac S
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    10 years ago

    joea must live in a nice area...where I live if you break it, you bought it. The water co. just adds the cost to the bill (the meter, pit, and cover are owned by the water co.). You will definitely have a hard time finding an exact match except at the foundry that casts them for your water co...and even then the foundry will probably not let you buy one.

    How do I know this? I'm a const. site manager. Pits and covers get broken all the time by back-hoes, dump trucks, concrete trucks, cranes, etc. The water co. sends my company's office the $bill$ for repairs and replacements.

  • 10 years ago

    You can contact your water provider and get a cost for a new cover. After, find a local waterworks supply house, which should have a relationship with your water provider and know the products they install, and get a direct price. Compare the two prices and determine which is easier. Consolidated Pipe and Supply, HD Waterworks, Ferguson Waterworks are examples of suppliers.

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