What dodgy country should the IOC and FIFA put the Olympics and World Cup in next?

I've narrowed my list down to Iraq, Yemen, Sierra Leone, North Korea, Venezuela, Eritrea, Chechnya, Afghanistan or Detroit.

I was also considering Chicago or Jamaica, maybe Haiti.

What do you think?

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  • 10 years ago
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    just keep giving it to Brazil: you'll be surprised how much it will suck in Brazil.

    Source(s): I live in the darn place.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Iraq. That way they can find a legal loophole to have FIFA foot the bill for securing the place.

    Leave it with all sorts of new hotel resorts and high-rise housing complexes.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Man, I'm from Detroit. See how most of us up and left (the car companies included)? Don't bring it to my city unless you want international tension cuz those foreigners will be robbed. They''d have better luck in Gaza.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I hear Somalia is lovely this time of year.

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