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If a powerful nuclear weapon was detonated in the eye of a hurricane would it be enough to kill it?

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    No. The maximum overpressure of megaton-grade nuclear weapons occurs at only 6-7 kilometers from the point of detonation. While there have been eyes as small as only 8 km diameter, most eyewalls are 30-60 km apart. So the overpressure wouldn't even touch it, assuming you're setting it off in the center. If you tried to detonate it right on the eyewall, the thermal effects would vaporize significant water, but the kinetic energy (energy from motion) of a hurricane is about 6.0E+14 Watts, or about half the entire daily world electricity consumption. As latent energy of heat stored in the water, abotu 200x times the daily world energy consumption!! The hurricane would just laugh at you and rapidly re-form.

    Mother Nature is a tough woman, and she wins again.

    Humans are not as tough as we like to think we are.

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    Probably, yes. Depending on the size of the device and strength of the storm, the intense heat from the nuclear detonation would most likely steam-flash the inner eye wall of the storm and most of the water in the hurricane. The shock wave would further disperse/redirect the remaining wind currents.

    Of course, unless you're detonating this on an uninhabited planet it's most certainly a case of the cure being far worse than the disease. Even detonating over a desolate area would have a worldwide impact in terms of fallout and widespread radioactive contamination.

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    hurricanes arent alive

    its just bad weather, and the eye isnt an organ it just the center of hurricane

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    No, it would most likely make it stronger (and radioactive) by adding energy to the storm.

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    No it was never alive to kill :D unless your using a the word kill as a metaphor?

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    And everyone else around.

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