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Where can I find an old book of Chopin's piano music? It had a white cover with a green stripe down its side.?

It's also out of print because it is old. I played pieces out of it around '89-'92. Any idea of where I can find it? I've search so many pages on the Internet, but haven't had any luck.

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    Is there any particular reason you want that exact book? Because you can find pretty much any Chopin piece you need right here:,_Frederic

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    You are looking for the cover of a particular publisher. Even that publisher probably doesn't dress his music that way anymore. Don't wear yourself out. You can find Chopin. If you know any of the names of the pieces or whether they were nocturnes, etudes, preludes, ballades, etc. you will be able to find a collection. Start with the preludes.

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