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help with used surfboards?

Im 17 5'4 and 110

I have no experience surfing but really want to start!

I want to buy a board but nothing too fancy because im just learning and dont want to spend much just incase i dont fall in love with it.

ive been looking on craigslist.

which one would be good?


the second picture...small rainbow one



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  • John F
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    Buying a board is way down on the list of priorities when it comes to leraning how to surf.

    Before you even think about surfing, there are some things you should understand. Surfing is an ocean sport, that should only be practiced by persons who are already competent ocean swimmers. Swimming in a pool is neat, but it's not ocean swimming, with undertows, rip tides and sometimes BIG waves. I have seen lots of great pool swimmers get rescued. So, my first tip on how to surf is to be at home in the ocean.There are way too many dangerous people in the water now. They are a danger to themselves and other surfers, don't join their ranks.

    You may already have the ocean skills, we don't know too much about you.

    Lessons are the best way to start. Lessons can come from a professional instructor, or surfing family members or experienced surfing friends. You have to learn surf etiquette (so the experienced surfers in the line up don't want to drown you), how to paddle and take off on a wave, and how to ride a wave. The last thing experienced surfers want is for inexperienced people to just grab a board, rush into the surf and get in our way. Lessons shorten the learning curve significantly. And they help keep ignorant, un-prepared kooks out of the water and out of the way of more experienced surfers.

    Beginners should take advantage of renting boards and wetsuits while taking lessons. If it turns out you don't like surfing, you haven't wasted a whole lot of money on gear that you are not going to use. When you are ready to buy, don't waste your time on line, go to a good local surf shop to discuss your size (weight is import, height isn't), skill level and local wave conditions. After 44 years of surfing, I still get my surfboard buying advice from good local shops in the places where i surf. A surf shop is also the best place to find information on instructors.

    Almost ALL instructors will start you off on a longboard. It is just too difficult for most people to learn how to surf on a short board. Most get quickly discouraged, and just quit. Now, over the years, I have seen some young surfers start out on short boards and master them in time. There are no RULES on what kind of board you learn on, but it's just common sense to learn on a long board.

    When you are ready to buy your own board, please avoid popouts in general, and especially popouts made in third world country sweat shops by People who have probably never seen the ocean. http://bp3.blogger.com/_hPACOtZKKko/RkST%E2%80%A6

    Herre is why to avoid ALL popouts:http://www.mckevlins.com/nopopstory.htm

    Anybody who would give you SPECIFIC advice as to what size or type board to buy on-line is foolish. Anybody who would take that advice is more foolish

    And, I know there are lots of nice kids who want to share information with you on line. But don't take the advice from youngsters, who may know even less than you do about surfing, a surfboard is a big investment. I hope you are mature enough to read through the BS that lots of people throw at you on line. You don't know anywhere near enough about surfboards to by one from an on-line web site without getting disappointed. Don't waste your time on line, go straight to the source, a good local shop. All decent shops has a good slection of used boards for sale, or they sell used boards on consignment.

    I have been surfing since 1966, and it has provided a lifetime of fun for me. If you take the time to learn the right way, it will be a lifetime of fun for you too.Good Luck

  • 4 years ago

    hear to John F and get some training! you will save your self a ton of frustration. procuring a board isn't basic using fact there are maximum of distinctive shapes. Its a technology and an paintings and you wont get the main out of it by using determining and paying for a board top away. Its large you have been inspired to surf. despite if it extremely is a complicated and unsafe game made extra so by using a lot of kooks (uneducated novices) out interior the water clogging up the waves. So get some training to the factor the place you sense extremely tender out interior the water. Then hire boards for slightly. a stable surfboard expenses $450-$1200+ and in case you're turning out to be a longboard or funboard its gonna be extra like $800-one thousand. confident you may get low priced plastic or foam boards, yet a million) they are undesirable and dont surf properly and 2) They help extensive agencies that dont supply a damn approximately surfing and take funds removed from community shapers. So take the time. Btw please only overlook maximum of what you observed in the two a sort of videos. Sorry to assert yet they have been the two geared up off some teenage fable and dont supply a stable view of what surfing is like. certainly from what I observed of soul surfer its an entire mockery of surfing this is only too undesirable using fact the actual Bethany Hamilton is an superb surfer. in case you desire to work out females surfing for actual, circulate to a surf save and get a surfing dvd. inspect the circulate circulate away A Message. Its an all woman surf action picture achieved by using Nike, I havent seen it, despite if it supply you a much extra helpful representation than the two of those 2 video clips.

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