Fashion/Hair things I need to know how to do!?

Okay I would like to know some cute hairstyles that I can do. I have medium shoulder length hair that I'm growing out. I would like to know some nice hairstyles that would fit an 8th grader...

Shampoo that works good for semi-frizzy hair and my hair is straight...

Good hair cleansing routine...and any tips on having smooth, shiny hair?

ALL stores that have cute unique clothes...affordable and expensive alike.

Stores that sale accessories at low prices

I know a makeup routine...great affordable brands anyone though?

What do you think is the best facial cleanser/acne wash? I went to a dermatologist but I'm not gonna use the thing he gave me till anything better than Clinique?

Any tanning tips...I like to tan at the beach or in back tanning booth places...

And ANYTHING else dealing with fashion would be VERY VERY apprciated!! (please :D) haha

Thanks everyone for answering! I know all your answers would be great! Invite all your friends who are good with fashion/make/hair to answer to and check out my other two questions!!

Sorry its so long. p.s. if anything else comes to mind helping you guys I will put it in detail...


Yeah I live in the USA in Michigan like 2hrs away from Chicago...which I don't go to often...I do have a normal american mall near me and Michigan City outlet mall thing

And yes it is a lot to ask...5 pts a ? why not ask as much as ya can ;)

Update 2:

Okay how i said my hair was a little above shoulder lenghth actually a little longer like an inch and i have blonde highlighted hair so hair color is no prob thnx!

Update 3:

Oh yes not trying to ask too much but when you answer could you like write it with numbers as in

Hair...1. ponytails

2. yadayada

Makeup 1. ....

Clothes 1 cute shirt etc thnx!

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    Well i would say to do a hairstyle thats longer thatn a bob(just about by a few inches)and do lotts of layers on it.Have a forehead fringe and if you told me your hair colour i would give some advice on haircolouring!But your only an eighth grader so i guess you dont want that! : ).Well i would say use tea tree shampoo on your hair as its really good for your hair and you can get this in many supermarkets and pantene conditioner.My hair is straight/wavy like!I would say,to keep hair shiny and smooth,dont always use hairspray as this damages the hair and use hair masks that you can get almost anywhere!Japanese Montege make face masks and maybee they make hair masks aswel?Check!A rountine?Hmm....well i wiuld say wash your hair evrey other day and while using conditioner then comb your hair out and on special occasions,use hairspray,of course ..this is your own choice.Dont use the treseme freeze one cuz that is soooo hard on your hair and gives absoltly no extra shine once dried!THE CAN IS WHITE!Ive heard ellenette is good and cheryl cole has a new elennet hairspray out!whoooo,i wna try it out!Its in a pink bottle!Well,just dont dmage your hair by using all these chemicals and use natrul hair ingredients to make your own hair masks and scrubs!Its good for your scalp aswel!Massaging oil in your hair before washing it is a really good way for keeping hair good and healthy!Either use olive oil,sunflower oil,or coconut il which is the best!Dont use heaters such as straighteners,curlets,crimpers evreyday and anyway,when you starigten hair,it stays fairly staright for 2 days,obvious;y not the BEST results on the second day but oh well!At least your not damaging hair!Ok,well off that topis now and i would say that republic do great clothes,a little pricy but once in a while you can go there to but a treat!Primark(do u hav that in the usa?)is a good cheap,affordable,trendy,POPULAR shop that people LOVE.Its also known as penys otherr places! : ).Makeup,well i would say loreal but if yu want something cheap then get natrul collection,collection 2000.technic,chit chat.Theyre really cheap!Fcial cleaner-clinique if ur talking cleanser and toner and nivea 2 in 1 cleanser and toner face wah.Clarins do a orange face wash,weve had ours for years duno if they still sell i.Sea salts are by far the best though!It makes your face feel like silk! : ).Acne,clearasil?never used the acne face wash but i think its good.I would probably end up not using any products cuz the best way is to leave it and then no marks are left behind!.Tanning tips,just use solitare spray tan,never used it cuz i dont tan but it might be good.Dont use tan creams as theyll probably melt...Wat about bronzing sun tint pearls?Natrul collection do them.I would say as its summer,get out the sunglasses and maxi dresses and patched handbags!Your ready for summer! : )Soz my answer is so long but i hope it helps! : )

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    Big hair is so in right now pump up the volume with garnier fructis's shampoo and conditioner set that has a hair straightening formula on the inside, they also have an anti frizz spray and hair serum that works, for hairstyles the hawk look is in, its a hairstyle whaere all the hair is brushed back with a little more volume at the top. also curls are cute and simple as far as heap clothes and accesories go to ross, marshalls, and wetseal also forever21 (they have a GREAT clearence rack) best things for your face go to mary they have a great cleanser and moisturizer for oily to normal skin and acne they also have good makeup :) tans work a whole lot better when you go to a beach, try to get secluded (behind a rock or somethinhg) wear a bikini that bairley covers anything (bring one of those towel dresses) and bake on each side 10 min on each side wearing shades will give u a weird tan hope that i helped :)

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    Do a medication again comb.Put on what ever head band you wish to put on for the night time,after which all you ought to do is find a teeth comb and tease your hair to what ever hight you wish then you definitely hair spray to hold it in position. then simply turn out the ends! Easypeasylemossqueezy! Good Luck Ashley!

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