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Why do Muslims like blowing stuff themselves up?

Please explain to me why they do this! Thanks.


And why do they hate the Jews? Thanks!

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    Well its against Islam to kill yourself so its not Muslims who are blowing themselves up. Its confused people. And for the love of God I don't understand why they kill themselves. But they aren't Muslims, because if they were don't you think that all the Muslims would be dead by now due to killing themselves? Come on now, that doesn't make any sense. Muslims don't blow themselves up. Your not a Muslim if you blow your self up.

    And we don't hate Jews, once again its forbidden to hate someone who believes in God. And they believe in one God. So why would we hate them?

    You should change your question to "Why do weird random people who blow themselves up claim to be Muslim when there not!?"

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    it is like asking why Christians in centuries previous have been vast on burning human beings alive. somebody does some thing a particular way, then honestly all and sundry else jumps on the bandwagon. IMHO, Muslims could be considered with far much less suspicion of extra of them spoke out against those terrorists rather of asserting ,Yeah, yet X is undesirable too" or "they don't seem to be real Muslims." upward push up for what's genuine. A christian terrorist could have his own congregation carry him actual to the police station.

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    having sex with 72 virgins is what they believe, killing non-muslims is halal according to their teaching while eating delicious pork steak isn't.

    additional answer: They hate the jews because they believe in myth that their brains would never match the jews`s. I am an asian btw, not jews.

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    blowing stuff themselevs!

    its Banned in islam

    they are not Muslim correct please

    islam never ask that

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    10 years ago

    Only radical Muslims believe do these things. And most Muslims have nothing against Judaism.

  • Because there are radicals in every religion. Just like Christians blowing up abortion clinics. Every religion has it fruitcakes.

  • Alєx
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    Because they're brain washed

    All religions have such capabilities

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  • They get 72 virgins and a basket of fruit in heaven

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