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Fishing Knots for Braided or Twisted Lines?


I'm trying to set up a couple rigs for fishing with braided and twisted lines, I was going to use an Improved Clinch Knot like I do with most fishing lines, but I heard that for some reason It wasn't recommended for the Braided and Twisted types. Why could that knot cause a problem, and could anyone give me the names of some knots that would work well and look good?

Thanks in advance!

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    Depending on which brand braided line you use, improved clinch and clinch knot could slip. With certain lines, even snell knot and uni knot could slip.

    Palomar knot is easy to tie and it will work well with braided lines. Again, with certain lines, you want to use a double palomar knot just to be safe.

    Braid knot was designed especially for braided lines.

    Uni knot is safe with all braided lines ONLY if you are connecting braid lines to mono or copolymer lines.

    All three knots described above are safe with all braided lines. Here's a link of illustrated instruction for all knots described above:

    PS: Fireline is among one of those "certain lines".

    PPS: You could use most knots on Power Pro.

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    Few days ago, I used strictly palomar knot on my 10 lbs braided and must have caught at least 50 fish without replacing it with a fresh knot, never failed. Very easy to tie, literally 10 sec. once you do it enough. Also recommend the double palomar knot. But there a few others out there that are worth trying out.

    Also, if your tying braid to mono, flouro, or any other, there are certain knots you need to use for specific combinations. Find the ones that fit your rig type online.

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    Don't you just hate it when that happens? Sometimes line twist happens if the swivel has been used for several fishing trips, left on the line and not rinsed well. It gums up and doesn't function properly. That's usually the problem when l'm using a spinning reel and it gets line twist. If that's not the problem, the easiest thing to do is just put new line on the reel. You can try the other suggestions like letting out the line and drag it behind the boat at full throttle but it's just easier to re-string it.

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    Here is a link telling you how to tie the braided line

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    the uni knot is the one that i use for every thing

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