Questions about the Motorola Droid touch screen?

I have an LG Voyager and am looking to buy a Motorola Droid. I was just wondering how the touch screen is on the Droid. Does it require a lot of pressure like the Voyager, or is it more like the iPhone or iPod and you barely have to touch it? And on the voyager, scrolling is difficult because you have to press so hard and my finger always seems to press something along the way. Hows the scrolling and movement on the Droid?

And one more thing -- I was playing with a Droid in Best Buy (it was turned off, so i couldn't test the touch screen) but the keyboard on the inside seemed like the keys were very hard to press. Are the keys that hard to press or was the one I saw just broken?

Thanks a bunch

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  • 10 years ago
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    The screen only needs gentle pressure like the iPhone screen. As far as they keyboard you don't need a lot of pressure either but it is tiny and the letters are close together so you will be making a lot of mistakes while typing. I have large hands and hit the wrong key from time to time but I've become accustomed to the keyboard. Once you're used to it the mistakes will be fewer but they will be made regardless.

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  • 3 years ago

    question a million: Droid or Droid Eris? question 2: have been'd you purchase it (off ebay? or verizon) Quesiton 3: Did you get insurance? reason a million: i could desire to be attentive to which one reason 2: If it grew to become into offered off ebay it could have been broken reason 3: you should fix it answer: Take it to a verizon agent

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