Do guppies lay eggs or give birth to baby guppies?

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Just wondering if guppies lay eggs or give birth? I have a pregnant guppy and would like to know more about this.

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  • answered 4 years ago
    Guppy's give live birth to fully developed fry every 4 to 6 weeks. The female can also store sperm from a single encounter with a male for up to 6 months I believe. Please do not use a breeding net or trap when you think she is going to birth. Provide her with plenty of plants in the tank. And you can feed the fry finely crushed regular food.
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  • answered 4 years ago
    Guppies are livebearers. The eggs develop inside the mother fish's body, and she gives birth to fully-formed baby fish. Guppies and other members of their family have a curious ability to store sperm in their bodies, so that a female guppy can keep getting pregnant over and over again even if she has been separated from all males for months.

    Something else you should know is that adult guppies, including the mother, will often eat the babies. So if you want to keep the babies, separate them from the bigger fish as soon as they are born.
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  • answered 4 years ago
    Expecting guppies have live babies, no eggs involved.
    Guppy babies usually need a heater in the tank to even be born to start with though..
    and seperating them from their dad and mother is key to preventing them from being eaten.

    (Hope this helps)


    Former owner of 30 + guppies, and baby guppies.
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  • answered 4 years ago
    Guppies do not lay eggs, she gives birth to live fry (baby fish).

    You must keep her and the male fish separate from the fry once she has given birth because the adult fish will eat the fry. The female must also be separate from the males as they will try to mate her and possibly chase her to death.

    Be careful when you are moving her because you may stress her and she will then give birth prematurely and the babies will be dead.


    keeping and breeding fish
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