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looking for a song by Willie Nelson: I think the name is Mountain Train?

The song is about a life journey train. It is song by Willie Nelson and some lady vocalist. The song is about our journey of life on a train.. I had the song, but broke the CD.. and not sure of what album it would be on. A friend down loaded it seperatly off the web.

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    This song has been sung by Linda Ronstadt amongst others. I found trace of it having been sung by Patsy Cline with Willie Nelson, but cannot find it on an album by Willie Nelson.

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    Patsy Cline/Willie Nelson - "Life's Railway To Heaven."

    Appears on:

    "Patsy Cline Duets, Volume I" (1999).

    There are several different Patsy Cline versions of this song, which can be found on many of her compilation albums and CDs, and the song has been recorded by many other Country singers and bands. Patsy first recorded this in 1959.

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    Life's Railway To Heaven with Patsy Cline

    Source(s): my collection.
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    Song: Life's Railway To Heaven"

    (As recorded by Patsy Cline 7/3/59)

    Arranged by W.S. Stevenson

    Life is like a mountain railroad

    With an engineer that's brave

    We must make the run successful

    From the cradle to the grave

    Watch the curves, the hills, and tunnels

    Never falter, never fail

    Keep your hand upon the throttle

    And your eyes upon the rail

    Blessed Savior, Thou will guide us

    Till we reach that blissful shore

    Where the angels wait to join us

    In that Great forevermore

    (Repeat last verse)


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