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Is this a good b-day part for an 11 year old?

I had a chocolate themed birthday party for my daughters 11th birthday. We sent invitations on blue and brown stationary paper. We made our own invitations and included M&M confetti in the invitation and closed the envelope with a chocolate scented sticker. For decorations, we used a brown and blue theme crepe paper and balloons. Buffet table with brown table cloth and blue dishes and of course a chocolate fountain. At each end I tied blue and brown balloons. The girls loved the chocolate fountain and all were very neat. I had read about how messy these things can be but was pleasantly relieved when I found that this age group can be very neat. We set a table to eat at with blue irredescent table cloth, blue plates and cups, blue napkins with brown utensils all tied up with a pretty sheer brown ribbon. For the center piece, we filled a clear pot with M&Ms and chocolate chips and we made a blue flower bouquet out of Hershey's chocolates These turned out great! We made name place cards out of brown and blue polka dotted favor boxes I found at Walmart. I used glue dots to attach a blue flower with each girls name on it and a small candy bar to the front and filled them with chocolate candy. For the food. We served pretzel rods, chips, fruit tray,vegie tray, both pink and white marshmallows and Teddy Grahams. The girls had a great time dipping all in the chocolate fountain (even the vegies). We had pink lemonade, milk and water to drink. For the games, we played 1)oreo stacko (roll die and stack that # of oreos, if the oreos fall while you're stacking your out. Last girl in wins) 1)unwrap present (we took a large candy bar and wrapped many times with wrapping paper. The girls wore gloves and tried to unwrap as many layers as they could in 10 seconds then passed it to the next girl. The girl unwrapping the last layer won the candy bar) 3)chocolate words seek and find, found it on the internet (first to find all words won a prize). 4)Hershey's puzzle game (I broke Hershey's candy bars into 9 pieces each using a butter knife and gently stabbing the candy bar to break it into different shaped pieces. I had each puzzle in a plastic sandwich bag and handed them out to the girls. All opened their bag at the same time. The first to get their puzzle worked won a prize and they could eat their candy bar if they wanted.) 5) I put a chocolate scented sticker on the bottom of one plate the girl who got that plate won a prize. 6)I cut heshey kiss shapes out of card board, put a chocolate scented sticker on one, covered them all in alluminum foil to make them look like hershey kisses and hung them around the room from the ceiling for decorations. Toward the end of the party each girl got to pull one of them down and the one who had the sticker when they opened them won a prize. 7) guess how many M&Ms in the jar (we used a canning jar with lid decorated in pink and brown and filled the jar with all pink M&Ms). Prizes included dollar store prizes pink body glitter, pink hair brush and mirror set, pink eraser pencil, sharpener, ruler and stencil set, the jar of M&Ms, the candy bar that they unwrapped, pink bead picture frame craft, snowman pin and chocolate kisses in small tin with chocolate covered strawberry on it. I bought chocolate molds at the craft store and each girl got to make about 10 pieces of chocolate. We used white, dark and milk chocolate. I used the small squeeze bottles sold in craft store and gave each girl a glove to wear on their dominant hand so they wouldn't get burned. We made chocolate scented bath salts using a recipe I found on the internet. I sat the ingredients out with the measuring spoon or cup with each ingredient. Each girl got a plastic bowl to mix in. After they mixed it up, I gave them a paper funnel and small bottles I bought at Hobby Lobby for 67 cents and they filled them with their salts. I reminded each girl these were for their bath and were not edible. For the favor bags, I found small chocolate brown paper gift bags at Target. We put each girls name on the front using pink glitter paint and hung pink curly and irredescent ribbons from the handle. We put in them chocolate covered peppermint sticks, chocolate filled candy canes, chocolate scented bubbles that came in a plastic ice cream cone, chocolate taffy, Hersheys chocolate sucker, Vertigo suckers, chocolate Hubba Bubba gum, chocolate flower we made, chocolate kiss angels we made (idea off of Hershey's web site). Chocolate scented lip gloss, a pad of paper with chocolate covered strawberry on it (found at the dollar store), and we made a pink and brown bead bracelet for each girl. My daughter loves to plan parties and had as much fun planning this party as she did at the party.

Just replace anything that says pink with blue. And where can I find a chocolate fountain?

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    If it's what your daughter wants, and you know that all of the guests can eat chocolate (my daughter can't eat milk chocolate as she is lactose intolerant), and you can afford it, why not.

    Personally, I have found that a good old-fashioned sleepover works great every year.

    All the best.

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    That sounds like my 11 year old Reyna. She also curses like there is no tomorrow. I made an arrangement for a meeting with her friends parents, and the other parents of children in her class, her teachers, the guidance counselor, and the principal. Together we worked out some issues, and Reyna hasn't been acting out as much anymore. I also found out it was because I am expecting twins, and she was craving attention. I also started to spend a lot more time with her. I took her out to eat, we had a girls day out. I took her shopping one day, and we even went to the spa. She has been very good since then, and I plan to continue doing so to maintain her good behavior recently. Don't punish her, talk to her and tell her why what she is doing is wrong. Try this, and I can almost guarantee she will be behaving by next week! I really hope I helped!

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    that sounds like a grate party I would love to go to a party like that lol

    you can get chocolate fountains at walmart in there party supplies area and I think at party city also at Oriental trading co.

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    Holy wall of text.

    It feels like I've just opened up to some random page in the Bible; and now I definetely don't feel like reading it

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    Yeah that sounds awesome!!! I'd love to go to that party! :)

    You can get one right here: '

    Or this one, more expensive but better reviews.

    I'm sure other similar stores like Walmart would have some too. Hope this helps :)

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    id get a pinyata wit sum welfare checkz inside, sum watermelonzz nd sum kfc chickin buckits

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