Advantage of electric powered car by means of transportation?

I want to know what are the other good benefits of an electric powered car aside from being ecofriendly to a country or to the society..:D i want also to know if a car which is powered by electricity is faster than an ordinary one..

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    An electric car can accelerate faster than a ICE vehicle due to full torque at 0 rpm:

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    Batteries are usually placed on the bottom of an electric vehicle. This lowers the center of gravity improving handling and making it far more difficult for the vehicle to tip over:

    An electric car is about 6 times as efficient as an ICE vehicle:

    "The [Tesla] Roadster's motor efficiency, battery-to-wheel, is 92% on average... For comparison, internal combustion engines have a tank-to-wheel efficiency of about 15%."

    An electric vehicle can travel further on the energy used to refine a gallon of oil then an ICE vehicle can travel using the refined product: see "How Much Electricity is used to run gasoline cars?" at:

    An electric car is a zero emissions vehicle (ZEV.) If the electricity comes from a clean source the EV will be part of a Zero emissions vehicle transportation system. Even the combination of an electric vehicle and a coal fired power station is cleaner than a gasoline vehicle.

    "Might as well leave the oil in the ground!"

    The electric vehicle can actually get cleaner as it gets older if the source of its electricity becomes cleaner. An ICE vehicle gets dirtier as it ages and the engine carbons up.

    The electric vehicle uses a domestic fuel. Almost all the electricity used in the US is from domestic sources. (Some electricity is produced in neighboring countries and some is made from oil produced in foreign countries.)

    If an electric vehicle has power transmitted to if from the roadway it does not need batteries:

    Electric vehicles can easily be fitted with regenerative braking allowing them to recover some of the energy contained in forward movement. This increases efficiency and reduces wear on any braking system.

    Electric vehicles have very few moving parts in the drive train and operate at far lower temperatures. This means maintenance will be far less than an ICE vehicle, parts will wear more slowly, with fewer parts repairs will cheaper and not usually required.

    Electric vehicles have no oil or air filters, to change the control systems are electronic and not mechanical to go out of adjustment. There is no radiator to overheat or freeze. It requires no antifreeze.

    Electric vehicles use an existing infrastructure, the power grid, for fuel. Some reports suggest over 84% of our present fleet of vehicles could be charged with existing equipment if they were charged at night. Electrified roadways would eliminate the need for charging or be used to charge vehicles as well as power them.

    When people try electric vehicles they like them:

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    The number one advantage of an electric vehicle is that no gas is required. One example is the Chevy Volt. It has a battery range of 40 miles. That means it can drive for 40 miles without using gas. 40 miles is more than the range of an average commute to work, so you can go to and from work using no gas. With minimal gas usage comes great savings. You do need gas in the Volt in case your battery runs out or you go for a long distance. However, the amount of fill ups per year will be much fewer with an electric vehicle

    You can plug the car into any outlet of the proper voltage and charge the car. Electricity is much cheaper than gas, and the savings will be dramatic

    Electric cars give off no emissions. Electric cars are even better than hybrids in this regard. Hybrids running on gas give off emissions, while electric cars are totally 100 percent free of pollutants

    Safety is a big concern with these vehicles. However, the fluid batteries actually take impact better than a fully made gas car, and can help even more in the event of an accident


    The first disadvantage is price. Electric car batteries are not cheap, and the better the battery, the more you will pay. For example, the Chevy Volt has a 40 mile range and sells for around $30,000. Compare that to the 250 to 300 mile range of cars made by Tesla Motors, which sell for anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000

    Even though it is a quiet ride, silence can be seen as a disadvantage. People like to hear cars when they are coming up behind them or beside them, and you can't hear if an electric car is near you. This has been known to lead to accidents

    Most cars take a long time to recharge their batteries. Tesla Motors' Model S can recharge in 45 minutes, but most electric cars right now take hours to charge. You can't drive the car while the batteries are charging usually, so your car will be out of commission while it is plugged in

    Most electric cars currently on the road do not have long ranges. Although in the future it will improve, most of the cars have a range of less than 25 miles, and you can't truly see the great benefits until you ride in a vehicle with a longer range

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    Electric cars can save huge amounts of energy because electric motors are typically 90%+ efficient, whilst petrol engines only get 12-20% efficiency whilst driving around.

    Sure, you burn fuel in the power station, but power stations are so large that they tend to be far more efficient than petrol engines: 30-60%.

    Using new gas power stations to power electric cars cuts your energy use for driving around by about half, meaning you don't need to import as much oil. You can also power them with nuclear or renewable electricity and make very little pollution.

    In the future, we also plan to have 'smart grids', where you can use electric car batteries to pick up electricity when it's cheap like at night. This means you can use lots of renewables or nuclear power and the electric car can charge when it's very windy, storing electricity for when it's not very windy. This stops you having to turn up and turn down power stations, which isn't very efficient.

    Electric cars have all their torque, all the time - in principle the engines have a better response but because batteries are currently so heavy they may not be great. The Tesla Roadster and Aero EV have awesome performance despite all that weight though!

    Electric cars are quieter, they will be fitted with noise makers that point forwards to stop people walking out in front of them, but they should otherwise reduce the amount of noise in towns and cities.

    Electric cars don't release air pollution inside cities - this air pollution kills thousands.

    By being more efficient and using less oil, they have lower CO2 emissions than normal cars, even once you include the energy to make them.

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    They already are. the vast distinction with a Hybrid or organic electric powered is that the potential from braking may be recovered and back to the battery. additionally, potential stations tend to be a somewhat greater useful than motor vehicle engines, so the later battery losses etc, of an electric powered automobile do no longer count extremely lots. electric powered autos are additionally initiating to apply lithium batteries somewhat than NiMh. Lithium types have lots greater potential densities and decrease losses in the time of fee-discharge cycles. The losses are so low that some types have been made than may be completely charged in a couple of minutes at huge currents, in no longer lots greater time than filling a common motor vehicle with petrol. electric powered autos are being mass produced, and activities-motor vehicle type overall performance is quiet conceivable - eg. the Tesla variety S - that saloon has a nil-60 time of around six seconds and tiers of 200 miles or so on a cost. The equivalent MPH is around ninety, so much greater ideal performance than any petrol-engine vast saloon. See the hyperlink.

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    Well from the wonderful answers already received I can only add that usage of electric powered vehicles is going to be the most effective Savior against global warming. However to make it possible countries all over the world shall have to start initiating immediate steps to have proper electrical networks & charge grids all over their countries.It may cost a lot ( there may be opposition from OPEC) but it needs to be done in order to save our future generations.

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    Well first you have to overcome the cost, inconvenience of recharge time, and replacing $10,000 worth of batteries after 10 years.

    But if you buy a Tesla you have the advantage of being able to go from 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds.

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    You can run your car off of coal instead of cleaner burning gas.

    You can be stranded and die during an emergency. Imagine all of the cars stuck in traffic before a hurricanes, with no ac and dead batteries bloking the highways.

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    zero emissions.

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