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Why are people so against health care being affordable for all americans?

I am not advocating a totally state-run health care system that occurs in Canada, Europe, or Australia. What I do believe is the government should utilize taxes to make health care affordable for all american citizens of all income backgrounds(yes that excludes green card holders, permanent residents, and illegal immigrants). The wealthier should have a better health care since they can afford to pay for more and give doctors more of an incentive to give them better health services than the poor who can not afford health care.


No no no..I am not advocating a government-run health care system...what I am advocating is a subsidized health care system where the government provides pensions with our tax money for the poor to be able to afford the bare basic health care..either that or give rebates to physicians that take on patients that can not afford health care

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    Instead of drafting all this convoluted legislation to remedy the insane price of healthcare, perhaps our energy would be better spent looking into the reasons why it costs so much to provide healthcare to Americans. What fat could companies trim to lower the cost of medical care (thereby lowering the cost of health insurance)? What incentives could the government provide companies to be more efficient in producing and providing medical supplies? The big question that rises from this is: how efficient can companies get while still maintaining a clear conscience and not violating certain ethics?

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    Why would you want the Government involved with our health care at all? THEY are NOT doctors, and by the way things are looking right now, this administration aren't very good at politics either! The Government is up to it's eyeballs in debt already, and the taxes we are paying has already been marked to PAY off some of those debts. Others will probably NEVER get repaid. So, what's left to pay for our health care?

    I will tell you one of the reasons the people don't want the Government "handling" our health insurance - and that is - nobody knows what they mean by "afordable"!!!! This unemployment situation is NOT getting better, and this oil spill is going to cause millions of other people join those ranks. And why, for heavens sakes, are you including the illegal population?

    The only way this health care program can work, is to get people BACK to work, quit feeling sorry for the poor - we wil be ALL poor before the next election rolls around, and being healthy doesn't put food on the table.

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    I don't think anyone is against making health care more affordable. Unfortunately, that is NOT what we got. What we got was a law that is going to cause the premiums for insurance to skyrocket. If that's not enough starting next year this bill makes people that currently get a portion of their insurance premiums paid by an employer have to pay taxes on that portion of the premium. These two increases combined with bush tax cuts expiring will mean Americans will have less money next year to buy things with. The less we buy the more money companies lose out on. Which in turn causes them to lay off more people further sinking the economy. Also included in this wonderful law, the government took complete control over most of the student loan industry. This is already starting to make it harder for students to get the money needed for school.

    So now we know what the law did what did the law not do? It did absolutely nothing to lower the cost of health care. Nothing to help with co-pays, deductibles, or other out of pocket costs. It did nothing to improve the quality of care received. If fact it didn't do anything to make health care better OR more anyone.

    As far as the poor getting health care it's called Medicaid and we already had it. The only people that did not have coverage were the illegals and the people that were too rich for Medicaid but too greedy to buy their own insurance.

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    Because of the lies and half truths that they have been told about reforms by the right. Which is a shame considering the facts.

    FACT - Insurance companies in the USA admit to pushing up prices, buying politicians and not paying out claims when they should [1]

    FACT - PER PERSON the USA spends more on healthcare than any other nation on the planet [2]

    FACT - Obama debated his plans before the election for healthcare [3]

    FACT - the chance of a child under five of dying in the USA is greater than industrialised nations with universal health coverage [4]

    FACT - Obama was elected to bring in change [5]

    FACT - Obama wants to stop insurance companies from screwing America [6]

    FACT - The reforms Obama wants work in the Netherlands and Switzerland [7]

    Let me know if my facts are wrong, but please provide proof.

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    People aren't. We are however, against a mandate to buy health insurance from the government which will not only hurt small businesses and individuals--the bill mandating it isn't improving anything, most noticeably--the COST. No one is turned away from the hospital. I agree the costs are outrageous in many areas--but government intervention has been the direct cause in most cases. I went to the doctor recently and received a huge discount for paying cash. Without all the red tape and paperwork-it was a win-win for the doctor and me both. He still was able to pay for his overhead and make some profit and I was able to afford the visit easily without it making a huge dent in my bank account. First time visit--normally $70, dropped to $40, consultation and writing of scrip, normally around $45, dropped to $30.

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    When the government keeps it's nose out of things there is more competition and costs come down. With everything the government gets involved in comes higher costs to the tax payers. I would love health care to be more affordable but why do I have to pay more for someone else to pay less. I worked hard and took risks to get where I am today I don't feel I should have to support people who didn't work as hard as me. I don't understand why people can't understand that. I want less taxes and smaller government. I want to be able choose what is best for me not the government.

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    I've always believed that people should be able to afford basic blue cross blue shield insurance

    plans with a deductible. There should be assistance available for the poor.

    But nobody should be forced to purchase insurance.

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    I have no problem with health care being affordable, but government involvement does not usually translate into lower costs.

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    health insurance industry advertising its lies has convinced people that government, not doctors, are going to run your healthcare system and these people are scared of that. I think if they knew the stats and the truth about the health insurance industry, they would be all for a better system of healthcare.

    But there will always be loud mouth people who are always going to be convinced the government is out to control their lives


    Well since you added some details, I'll say that conservatives just call subsidizing the poor is "welfare" or a "handout." I disagree but, I don't think subsidizing the poor would be effective considering the cost of healthcare keeps rising. We have to fundamentally change the system to cover everyone. The means government intervention. Free Market BS won't work and that is why no one has implemented it.

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    No one minds. But making the whole system collapse isn't actually going to achieve that goal. If you love the DMV, you'll love the Health Care Rationing Board, even though they won't be called that.

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