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mmhmm. asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 10 years ago question?

I'm looking for any immigration, marriage, and death information for Nardina (perhaps changed her name to Leona) DiBella (b. 1902). Married to Ignazio Messina (until his death in 1925 in MI) and later Frank Sanzone (sometimes spelled Sanzoni, Sonsone, Sansone).

I also cannot find Ignazio Messina in any census.

All of these people lived in Michigan.

Children: Anthony Messina (b. 1924), Pauline Messina, Bertha Messina (and four Sanzone children)

She immigrated in 1920 from Italy

I asked this question a couple days ago but I got some of the details wrong.

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  • 10 years ago
    Favorite Answer --SSDI

    Going by this --"All of these people lived in Michigan."--I found these for Anthony Messina from Michigan listed:

    Anthony MESSINA

    Birth Date: 22 Jul 1923

    Death Date: 15 Jun 1989

    Social Security Number: 382-16-5841

    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Michigan

    Death Residence Localities

    ZIP Code: 48225

    Localities: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

    Harper Woods, Wayne, Michigan

    Anthony MESSINA

    Birth Date: 12 Jul 1922

    Death Date: Aug 1976

    Social Security Number: 374-16-0025

    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Michigan

    Bertha Mary MESSINA

    [Father: George Ignacious MESSINA b: ABT. 1890

    Mother: Leonarda DIBELLA b: ABT. 1900]

    Married: June 20, 1942

    Louis Raymond CLAEYS;


    1.Barbara Ann Claeys: b. May 22, 1943

    2.. Louis Anthony Claeys: b. May 9

    3..Marie Dianne: b.Apr 21, 1948

    4.. Richard Michael: b.Jan 27, 1950

    5. Deborah Jean: b.Dec 12, 1952

    6.Gary Joe: b.Aug 3, 1957

    Bertha’s half brother

    Michael Cletus Sanzoni: b. July 20, 1929, Detroit MI

    Bertha , Brother Tony at age 6 & Pauline were put in orphanage--Rt 3 Box 213 Killeen Tx 76542 (, in a reverse address search, shows this address is now a private residence.)

    Pauline Marie Messina married Herman Lee Wright (b Feb 23, 1911) on Jan 28, 1950 in Temple, Texas. Their children:

    Herman Lee Jr --b.Nov 12 1950

    Debbie Sue --b.Jun 29 1953

    Beverly Jane--b. Mar 23 1955

    Nancy Ann--b. Aug 19 1956

    Carolyn Joy--b. Apr 21 1967

    Leonarda DIBELLA married 2nd to Frank SANSONI, b: ABT. 1910; d. 1941; 4 Living children.

    Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-1945

    Name: Leonarda Dibella

    Arrival Date: 25 Feb 1921

    Age: 18 Years

    Estimated birth year: abt 1903

    Gender: Female

    Ethnic Background: (South) Italian

    Port of Departure: Palermo, Italy

    Ship Name: Canada

    Port of Arrival: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Friend's Name: Ignacio Messina

    Last Residence: Trapani

    Birthplace: Trapani, Trapani

    Name: Leonarda Dibella

    Birth: abt 1901 - Sicily

    Departure: Palermo

    Arrival: 19 Apr 1921 - New York, New York

    Residence: Sicily

    (original view of this listing shows sister VINCENZA; mother MARIA; and a final destination of San Francisco, CA. Says she and sister were HOUSEWIVES by occupation.)

    George Ignacious MESSINA --b. ABT. 1890


    Leonarda DIBELLA --b.ABT. 1900


    Paulene MESSINA

    Bertha Mary MESSINA

    Tony MESSINA

    Passenger: Leonarda DiBella

    Arrived aboard the Canada on April 19, 1921

    Age at Arrival: 20y

    Gender Code: F

    Marital Status: S

    U. S. Citizen? No

    Nationality: Italy, So Italian

    Place of Residence: Palermo, Sicily

    Ship Arrival Date: 19 Apr 1921

    Ship Arrival Port: New York

    Departure Port: Palermo

    Standardized Departure Port: Palermo, Palermo, Sicily, Italy (Is this the right Ignazio??)

    Ignazio Messina

    Birth: unknown

    Death: Apr. 25, 1934

    Burial: L'Unione Italiana Cemetery

    Ybor City, Hillsborough County. Florida, USA

    Plot: Age 48

    Ellis Island:

    First Name: Ignazio

    Last Name: Messina

    Ethnicity: Italian

    Last Place of Residence: Palermo, Sicily

    Date of Arrival: Jun 11, 1920

    Age at Arrival: 26y Gender: M Marital Status: M

    Ship of Travel: Patria

    Port of Departure: Palermo

    Manifest Line Number: 0014 Right Frank??

    Frank P. Sanzone

    Birth: 1907

    Death: Apr. 18, 1975

    Burial: Saint Johns Cemetery--Rome, Oneida County, New York,

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  • 10 years ago

    There are very few records of Italian names on, remember the basis of the information available from there comes from the Mormon records, and there were few Italians who became Mormon. I would start with Census records form 1920 and 1930, but since you didn't indicate where in the US( what city) I cannot suggest additional sources.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 35+ years. Have Italian ancestory from before 1840 in US.
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