Why is the Red Sox game not on Fox?

I went to NESN and it said "Red Sox @ Giants broadcasted on Fox"

I flip to Fox in my area (Berkshire County) and it's the Yankees/Dodgers.

I'm not hatin' on the Yankees, so don't hate on me for being a Red Sox fan, but anyone know where it's at? Or is anyone else having the Red Sox game on Fox?

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    I am in RI and I am getting the Sox game on Fox. I would guess that they gave you the Yanks game because you are so close to NY. The good news is that the Sox are up 4-0 in the top of the 3rd. Bad news is that Bucholz got injured running the bases and had to leave the game.

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    It's not there because on FOX, they broadcast by areas. I suppose on the east coast, they are showing the Dodger-Yankee game and on the west they are showing the Giants-Red Sox game.

  • gussie
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    4 years ago

    Im watching it astonishing now on FOX... yet i spotted on the fox activities web site previously, that they had the cubs and enjoying cards pastime on their time table on the comparable time.... so i think of its a close-by broadcasting, so it relies upon the place united states..... i stay in florida and that they r showing it here... so i assume anyplace united states, its contained in the cubs or enjoying cards area.... its perplexing how they ensure the areas yet ya... thats y... sorry u cant see it..... the ingredient that i do while the sport isnt on television, is only circulate directly to the MLB gameday ingredient and it has pitch via pitch coverage... good success!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ...because they have to show the Yankees, can't go 2 weeks in a row without them.

    Source(s): Mets' fan..
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're too close to NY

    Source(s): MLB fan for 23 years
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