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According to conservatives blacks only vote for other Black politician regardless of political affiliation?

Then I'd like to know what percentage of Black people support Alan Keyes or Michael Steele since conservative claim to have the best knowledge of minority votes to minority politicians

To be fair why do conservative generalize


Lady Fair : Obama is half White

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  • Derek
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    Yea, Obama slaughtered Alan Keyes.

    If blacks voted based on color, Keyes would have gotten at least half of the black vote, but didn't.

    Obama got 92% of the black vote against Keyes.

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    First, there's something about putting black and Conservative in the same sentence that's not right!! I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying that you have to be very careful!! One thing to being a Conservative is calling yourself an American!! No hyphens, dashes, dots!! Your an American and that's it and proud to be one!!

    Now, if Keyes or Steele call themselves african - American, count them as liberal/democrat!! If they are who they say they are than I'll bet exactly zero percent or lower support either!!! Last election, 96% of blacks voted for obama, 2% may of voted for McCain, highly doubtful, and 2% just didn't vote!!

    In conclusion, obama was voted into the oval office because he's black and not the best man for the job!!!!!!! History will verify this!!!!

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    Members of both parties have always been racists. In fact, up until the end of Jim Crow laws (around 1960),only whites could be Democrats (1)!

    People have evolved in both parties, yet racism and bigotry are still alive and well. Despite many qualified African-American candidates, Republicans have yet to nominate one for the Presidency or any office higher than Congress. Nor have they nominated any gays for any high office. They hate gays with a passion, this despite a pro-Republican lobbying group, the Log Cabin Republicans, (2) and a Jewish pro-Republican group, the Jewish Coalition! (3)

    But they only reflect much of America, still comprised of a majority that hates anyone but non-Jewish whites.

    There is a mysticism about Jews that somehow they have magic powers when it comes to business and finances and ti legal issues, so in those cases, both parties swallow hard and allow Jews To become involved as Federal judges and Treasury Secretaries... and that's about it.

    As to why Blacks seem to support other Blacks... why not? They have a glimmer of hope that a Black politician will understand their problems and issues, and so would be on their side.

    It was traditional to hate Jews and Blacks until the mid-twentieth century. Despite warning after warning, FDR ignore the torture and slaughter of Jews in Europe. Henry Ford published his own anti-Semitic newspaper (in Dearborn, MI), and William Jennings Bryan, Secretary of State to President Woodrow Wilson (a Progressive Democrat) , expressed the contempt in which the Haitians are held by the Anglo-Saxon power structure: Imagine! Bryan said , "******* speaking French!!! (4)

  • Anonymous
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    To be fair why do liberals generalize? If you don't think so you haven't been on here very long. It's a well known fact those that need the most help from the government vote democrat cause their all for helping the 'poor'.

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  • Anonymous
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    Alan Keyes ran against Obama in Illinois.

  • shipe
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    I trust you. i'm a white conservative, yet i don't commonly make that distinction. I basically have because of fact which you probably did. i've got faith in equivalent rights for all and that i don't think of that someones shade concerns the two way in any subject. i does not come to a type a vote per shade... EVER. I agree that the topics are relatively the vast deal and the protection of our usa relatively is the main severe subject. The Democrats have faith that they deserve the minority vote. this could properly be because of fact they suspect in unlawful immigrants and amnesty nonetheless now because of fact they choose and choose their vote. The black community does not count to them anymore. i think of which you, like me, are basically a proud American who believes in previous formed American values.

  • Anonymous
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    Ting 2 Get 2 lvl 2.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Blacks vote ...

    1. COLOR

    2. LIBERAL


    That turncoat RINO Colin Powell voted for Obama based on color. Obama was voted the most liberal Senator in 2007

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    Really? Which conservatives say that?

    And that must be liberal quote of the year, right there:

    "Why do conservatives generalize?" That's a riot.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Black vote Democrat regardless of skin color. The running Democrat may be pink for all that matter and they will still vote for them. Blacks know who is really on their side which is not racist Republicans.

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