How do I believe I can achieve anything if science directly forbids it?

Science tells us every human capacity is limited and we are incapable of surpassing our potential (IQ is one example); however, the believe one can, in fact, achieve anything i paramount to true success in most cases. Most people don't rationalize or look at the logic behind the worn out erroneous saying "If you believe you can achieve". Any logical person understands thats not true; I once believed I could fly as an imaginative child, but that didn't stop me from hitting the ground. So maybe thats an extreme example and whilst I realize some things like flying and superpowers will not be possible through simply believing in them, I want to use this belief in a more practical manner in realistic situations like me being able to truly achieve what I put my mind to. So how can I believe this without the agreement of science on my side?

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    How do you believe you can achieve anything if science directly forbids it?

    By practincing TRUE SCIENCE !

    When the quality of the inquiry is based on quantifying, repeating, and validating TRUE PRINCIPLES then the answers to our questions can EASILY be understood by theologians, scientists, historians, philosophers, and logicians, and laypersons alike. If we are REALLY serious about knowing, not just believing, the Truth of ourselves, we would gain the KNOW-ledge for OURSELVES, so that the scientific or spiritual Truth we seek proves or disproves Itself irrefutably within OUR OWN EXPERIENCE.

    Whether scientists, theologians, philosophers, or laypersons, we “see” through our ideas.

    "Perfection does not come from projecting our own ideas but from awakening to the knowledge that it is already the established order of things.", as indicated in the first reference.

    ....don't believe me? Try MAKING 2+2=5. Doesn't work, does it? We cannot even MAKE 2+2=4. 2+2=4, whether you sum the equation correctly or NOT ! WHY ??

    Because neither Truth NOR Perfection can change OR be changed. ALL the principles of Life operate that way, perfectly, without variation, deviation, or attenuation for anyone, at anytime, anywhere !! We can ONLY accept its perfect operation, because we cannot change Truth.

    If Perfection is ALREADY the established order of things, AND is PLAINLY EVIDENT IN ALL THE PRINCIPLES OF LIFE, WHY HAVEN'T WE KNOWN THIS ??

    BECAUSE WE ALL are free to choose to believe that 2+2=5 for ETERNITY until we have acquired FOR OURSELVES the necessary knowledge of the immutable principle that correctly sums the answer.

    If by 'science', you mean the current paradigm within which scientific discovery is conducted by continually seeking answers to questions based on evidence that many of its practitioners (i.e. scientists) have validated, quantified, and repeated, then the answer to your question depends on what such "science" excludes from inquiry. Why? Because the practitioners of such 'science' do not recognize or understand the basis for 'evidence' that is outside their established paradigm. So they collectively (and reflexively) declare, "That event or phenomenon or concept (you fill in the blank) is not possible." Obviously such as stance is ripe for refutation by verifiable, repeatable, quantifiable evidence, even by rigorous adherence to the tenants of their OWN paradigm.

    The truth about the "reach" of our very understanding of REALITY is that each and every advancement has come about AFTER WE DISCOVERED WHAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN TRUE, AND WAITING FOR US TO DISCOVER IT....

    ...even when the tightly held ideas WE THOUGHT WERE TRUE were REALLY based on false information and dogma, WHICH virtually everyone believed, transmitted, and acted upon AS IF TRUE .....that is, until others, following their OWN ideas came along, who had quantifiable, repeatable, verifiable evidence based on a DIFFERENT set of ideas that turned the paradigm of established scientific or religious consensus on its head !!

    Can there be any truer indictment of the history of mankind’s exploration and discovery of both scientific and religious Truth than to acknowledge that it is replete with examples of this or that scientist or religious prelate pontificating that this or that phenomena is impossible ???

    Do the Heavens still rotate around the Earth? Not after Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo. Are time and space separate from one another? Not after Einstein. Did you get your vaccines this year? Thanks to Pasteur you did. Is the Earth still flat? Ask Erikson, Columbus or Magellan for the answer. Do you have to study your science homework or read the scriptures of whatever faith you profess in the dark? Not after a little help from Gutenburg and Edison. You can readily see the impact of individuals with their OWN ideas helping other individuals change THEIR ideas about these things, which eventually results in the civilization changing, right?

    The "belief" in limitation must then be seen to be SELF-IMPOSED......and if self-imposed....


    How ?


    In the second source, entitled, "The Dore Lectures on Mental Science”, Thomas Troward asks, ".....But if our thought possesses this creative power, why are we hampered by adverse conditions? The answer is, because hitherto we have used our power invertedly. We have taken the starting point of our thought from external facts and consequently created a repetition of facts of a similar nature, and so long as we do this we must needs go on perpetuating the old circle of limitation. Why, then, does the individual make a negative choice? Because he does not understand the law of his own individuality, and believes it to be a law of limitation, instead of a Law of Liberty. He does not expect to find the starting point of the Creative Process reproduced within himself, and so he looks to the mechanical side of things for the basis of his reasoning about life. Consequently his reasoning lands him in the conclusion that life is limited, because he has assumed limitation in his premises, and so-logically cannot escape from it in his conclusion. Then he thinks that this is the law and so ridicules the idea of transcending it. He points to the sequence of cause and effect, by which death, disease, and disaster, hold their sway over the individual, and says that sequence is law. And he is perfectly right so far as he goes—it is a law; but not THE Law. When we have only reached this stage of comprehension, we have yet to learn that a higher law can include a lower one so completely as entirely to swallow it up. The fallacy involved in this negative argument, is the assumption that the law of limitation is essential in all grades of being. It is the fallacy of the old shipbuilders as to the impossibility of building iron ships. The law of floatation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently asking why they did so."

    WHAT YOU ACCEPT AS TRUE.....determines an idea’s effect on YOU. Characteristics and attributes are neutral, until YOU ASSIGN the idea OF positivity OR negativity to them.....ideas that YOU TELL YOURSELF to assign to them !

    "Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning."

    - Mahatma Gandhi

    The following quote comes from Chapter 13 of the third source, "Your Invisible Power", written by Genevieve Behrend (introduced by Harrison Barnes).

    "Your mind is the mirror in which the infinite power and intelligence of the universe sees itself reproduced."

    If you understand that the words "limitations" and "grasp" are simply metaphors for "beliefs", then it becomes transparently obvious that transcending "limitations" and exceeding "grasp" is really an exercise in PERCEIVING REALITY IN ITS TRUE DIMENSIONS.....AND APPLYING THE UNDERSTANDING THEREFROM ACCORDINGLY.

    Jumping off a tall building to test what you think about your ability to fly is just as foolhardy as believing that 2+2 will be anything other than 4 simply because you have the ability to think it so.

    Understand that the same Source Who created perfect principles of mathematics which operate undeviatingly to create ONLY 4 as the answer also created US out of perfect principles, the correct application of which enables us to accomplish anything consistent with those principles.

    (And they operate perfectly whether or not you are testing them while jumping off a tall building)

    The aforementioned being said, you should not then be surprised TO FIND YOURSELF FLYING when you are correctly applying the relevant principles our Creator endowed us with (any more than Peter should have been surprised as he walked upon the water toward Jesus!) or bumblebees should be surprised that they're flying while flitting from flower to flower!

    Understand, though, that you must UNCOVER, KNOW, OPERATE, AND PRACTICE THE CORRECT PRINCIPLES WITHIN YOURSELF! Just as Einstein used mathematics to discover within himself the untold (but ever-existent) facts about "flying electrons" operating under relevant principles.

    Neither Truth nor Perfection EVER changes.

    THAT'S why it does not matter what we believe.

    It only matters that we KNOW and ACT UPON that which is TRUE and NEVER CHANGES.


    Hope this and the sources, below, help you...ESPECIALLY Chapter IV, entitled “Subjective and Objective Mind” in the fourth reference, “The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science”, by Thomas Troward.

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    True science forbids nothing. True science is neutral as to possible results from any particular inquiry. True science is (at times -and there are other definitions) a systematic system of inquiry to discover the existence of other/alternate truths/explanations. True science is ALWAYS prepared to acknowledge itself in error and in need of correction.

    As for flying, watch the movie "The Sea Within" (in Spanish with subtitles) - perhaps we might need to redefine what it actually means "to fly". The imagination can be an extremely powerful tool.

    Any kind of flight by humans was once thought impossible. But that did not stop Leonardo Da Vinci from designing possible flying devices. Imagining "the impossible" as potentially possible can lead to the "impossible" becoming possible no matter how improbable.

    I wanted my drawings to move - I saw them as three dimensional constructs. Learning how to use the animation capabilities of the computer in 1995 made that impossibility possible.

    You must live as though you are that which you wish to be: do not say "I want this or that or I wish I was this or that", say "I AM this and I AM that". You might be highly surprised at the results. I did it like this: I said "I AM a syndicated cartoonist" - and guess what happened - that's exactly what I wound up doing for 12 years. LOL. The "impossible" became my reality.

    The true scientist does not say "I cannot fly". The true scientist asks "What possible conditions do I NOT know about that might make flight possible".

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    I don't think it's actually possible. To be able to achieve anything is to be capable of things you're not capable of. I believe people can achieve some things. And some people can achieve things others can't. You can set your mind to anything, but that doesn't mean you'll be successful at it. Nobody is good at everything and therefore, no one can achieve anything. The human is indeed limited. Though many people are given the false belief that they can have and do whatever they want. This just simply is not true. You can master something if you work hard enough at it, but you can also be a complete failure at something you work just as hard at.

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    Just don't put your mind to violating the laws of physics and you will remain in the realm of the possible.

    Still, not everything will become possible simply because you believe they are. All persons have many limitations. Good philosophers, for example, seldom make good politicians. And good engineers seldom make good psychologists. So, even if you don't set your goals against the laws of physics, you still must keep them somewhat realistically tied to your own abilities, talents, skills, and potentials.

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    If you want to follow science like it's some religion then go ahead. But IQ is a small thing.

    People can be lacking in one area but excel in other areas as we hear stories all the time of illiterate people who end up millionaires or something crazy like that.

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    Because there's a difference between believing you can achieve anything and being delusional.

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    Be confident in your actions and better your own world.

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