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the darkest percent window tint on a car.?

what is the darkest percent a car could get without getting polled over.?

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    Each state has different laws regarding window tinting and how dark you can tint them without getting a ticket. To make figuring out the laws for each state hard there are usually two different laws in each state! One regulating passenger cars and one regulating MPV's or multi-purpose vehicles. States that have a 35% VLT or visible light transmission laws (most common)need to have a law that would not exclude SUV / MPV vehicles like vans, trucks, 4 wheel drive etc. because some of these type vehicles arrive at the dealer lot with factory "deep dip" tinted windows that have a 20% VLT that would not meet the "passenger car law". Do not confuse this factory glass with aftermarket window tinting.These are completely different types of glass with the factory deep dip glass giving no UVA or UVB protection and no heat rejection like tinting does. You can check your state laws at look under the laws tab. You can follow the links from your states law page all the way to the states website and read the legal description for each state.

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    Yup, it depends on your State laws. But a cop can still pull you over regardless. Call your DMV and ask about tint laws in your state.

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    on front doors in America normally its 35% as far as rear doors or rear windshield no limit can be 20% or 5%(limo)

    its mainly a thing for cops so they can see inside the car when approaching

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    depends on the state you live in

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