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what are some good law and order svu episodes?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Season 7, Episode 19 - Fault....Stars Lou Diamond Phillips as a sexual predator. This episode really shows the dynamics between Elliott and Olivia.

    Season 7, Episode 12 - Infected ...This one highlights Olivia in a way that shows a little of why she is who she is...if that makes sense lol

    Season 7, Episode 3 - the episode the other person who answered is talking about. It was a really intense episode too....the ending was sort of contrived IMO....but other than that...a really great episode.

    Season 7, Episode 2 - Design - This introduces the character April Troost - a wealthy young woman who considers herself too pretty to go to jail. Unfortunately for her, she keeps killing people....Season 16, Episode 2 - Flaw is also one that involves April well, Lynda Carter plays her mother.

    Season 9, Episode 1 - Altered - b/c it starred Cynthia Nixon as a woman with multiple personalities and it was SOOOO intense!

    Season 9, Episode 17 - Authority - b/c it starred Robin Williams who impersonated a police officer, as well as other people, in the end his message was to get other people to defy authority figures.

    Season 10, Episode 16 - Ballerina - b/c it starred Carol Burnett and Matthew Lillard - AWESOME

  • dk
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    1 decade ago

    you silly thing! they are all good! lol.

    actually, i just watched one of my favorites yesterday--usa network has marathons--the one where olivia was talking to the little girl on the phone the whole episode. the girl was being held by a perv in a basement and they had to keep doing everything in the world to track the call. in the end, they found her buried across the street where she was being held. alive, thank God! i kept tearing up the whole time they were talking. sorry i can't give you the name of the epi.

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