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Why is Israel blocking Gaza?

Why are Israel enemies with Palestine, and why is Israel killing Palestines while Palestine are not???

Currently, why are they enemies???

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    Israel is blocking Gaza to stop Hamas making any progress or success in ruling Gaza.Since Hamas won the Palestinian election,Israel made, and still making, their best to ensure that Hamas fail in governing Gaza.Israel keep on attacking Hamas leaders and killing them alongside with normal civilians,when Hamas retaliate with QASSAM rockets,which is a primitive rocket,then israel claims that Hamas attacked Israel.the blockade is not harming Hamas as much as it is harming normal civilian personal.Such brutal punishment which was used in the dark ages should not be allowed in the twenty first century.Civilians should not be punished and killed in a collective punishment while the whole world ,especially western governments,just watch and have no action against the blockade.Only peace activist,humanitarian aid people are taking action against the blockade while all Western governments are blind witnesses of Israel brutality against humanitarian aid people,the Flotilla affair.

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    Israel is not a nation (It is a group of Semitic people). They have no need to steal land from the Palestinians.

    Learn the truth about Khazars - 90% or more of the people who are claiming to be Jewish are lying through their teeth. They have no Semitic blood. They are greedy evil people masquerading as Jews and have taken over most of the Banks and Currency on Earth. And they plan to rule Earth from Jerusalem.

    The Balfour Declaration that created the state of Israel was a TOTAL SHAM cooked up by Khazar Zionists in Great Britain, namely the Rothschilds. It is not acceptable to any court on earth, except maybe the Israeli Courts.

    Brother Nathanael has the best information that exposes the Jewish (Khazar) takeover of the United States.

    David Duke also.

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    Israel enables the flow of essential goods into Gaza each day. Given the ongoing threat from Hamas, Israel does restrict dual-use goods. such as some building supplies, which could be used for military purposes. At the same time, food,medicines, fuel and electricity into Gaza.

    Hamas is ultimately responsible for the difficult conditions the people of Gaza endure. Its refusal to comply with international demands to recognize Israel's right to exist and cease terrorist operations has led to the isolation of Gaza by the international community. It has cynically exploited the harsh conditions in Gaza for public relations purposes, while continuing to expand the hostile activities that created and exacerbated these conditions.

    Since 2001 the Hamas lunched or permitted the launching of thousands of rocket attacks at Israeli population centers. These rockets have reached well inside Israeli territory, endangering more the 900,000 Israeli civilians.

    Direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiation are the way to properly address the genuine frustration among Palestinians and offer the only way to achieve a more stable and secure future for all Israelis and Palestinians. However, the willingness of the Israeli public to accept substantial concessions depends on their belief that the Palestinians are truly interested in peace and reconciliation, are capable of carrying out agreements, and have resolutely rejected terrorism and violence.

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    Already operating at reduced capacity, the plant is now likely to be out of action for months, if not a year. But the problems around this symbol of power go back years. This all Israel gave up Gaza.

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    particular, via very reality their intelligence says that quite some those shipments comprise guns. After signing of the aggreemant that american ships can end suspect ships interior the pink sea, 2 ships with guns were stopped. All stopped shipments were iranian. They tried to carry the provide for hours yet it really is illegitimate so the area grew to develop into into resolved. this is been documented that Hamas stops actual humanitarian help (shipments) into gaza. contained throughout the conflict in gaza they stopped yet another one from Jordan (english help) via gunpoint and provided the products to the optimal bidder. What does that assist you recognize? human beings believe Hamas is probability free, shop questioning that, on the same time as they make money. same for israelis, shop questioning that Israel is one hundred% probability free, on the same time as their gov't makes there kesef.

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    In the 1940s, Palestine was seen as British territory, Arabs were seen as inferior people, and the Holocaust created a sympathetic environment for the creation of a Jewish homeland. Evolving ideas against colonialism and racism means that Israel would never be created in the same fashion today,

    The conflict with the Palestinians stems from several key facts:

    1) Israel was created out the land on which the Palestinians had lived for thousands of years. Heavy post WWII immigration and proclaiming of the state of Israel, turned most of them into homeless refugees, after they either fled from, or were expelled by, Israeli military forces.

    2) The claim of a right to exist, specifically in this space, is rooted in a Jewish belief (that God promised them this land) that is neither shared by Palestinians, nor widely accepted throughout the world.

    3) Israeli continues to implement policies designed to lead to a subtle capture, over a long-term period, of the remainder of Palestinian held territory.

    Feeling the strain of the situation with Israel, with no relief is in sight, certain desperate people are drawn into joining outlying militant groups, and engage in acts of violence. They consider it self-defense or guerrilla war. However, the reality is that it does little good, as Israel has far superior military resources, and this merely provides Israel with the pretense to engage in certain actions that are a part of a long-term strategy to eradicate the Palestinian refugee presence in land they considered promised to them by God.

    Frustrated with Israeli behavior, the Palestinian people living in the Gaza strip democratically elected one of the outlying militant groups, Hamas, to political power in 2006. The reaction of Israel was to make life an unbearable as possible for the Palestinian people, believing that this would drive them to oust Hamas. One of the ways Israel did this was to blockade Gaza so that nothing, but the most basic items needed for immediate survival could enter.

    This strategy has failed miserably as it has only served to strengthen the perception of Hamas and swell its ranks. It was always the Israeli belief that if such happened, any increase in violence towards Israel would provide the pretense for another attack on the Palestinians. However, the 2009 invasion of Gaza was a disaster for Israel as the growth of media and cultural awareness in the western world, led to Israel being called to account by both the world and its institutions. It was an Israeli military victory, but a crushing political defeat.

    This trend of botches has continued with Israel’s successful but politically devastating assassination of a Hamas leader (which ticked off the British), its embarrassing of the U.S. by announcing settlement construction during its vice president’s peace talk visit, and its raid on a Turkish ship with armed military commandos, which cost Israel its only Muslim ally, and exposed the extent of its unpopular blockade of Gaza.

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    Hamas, which is holding Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit IN VIOLATION OF THE GENEVA CONVENTION. All Israelis were withdrawn from Gaza, and Gaza was left with lots of agricultural equipment, but Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier and then fired myriads of missiles into Israel BECAUSE IT REFUSES TO ACCEPT THE EXISTENCE OF THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL. Gaza is a renegade part of Palestine which wants things its way, which is to say the way Hamas, radical separatist organization wants.

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    Because they withdraw their colonists and want to point to it as a reason why they cannot withdraw from the west bank.

    Only a sick sick people would play the games Israelis do.

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    Israel is defending itself from terrorists

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    No one can justify the reason, both people hate each other very much and been enemies for the past 62 years. but the blocking because Hamas shot few rockets in Israel so israel decided to literally starve all Palestinians to death.

    Of course both sides are hurting each other but logically, Israel is hurting gaza 10 times more.

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