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here are my 2010 playoff teams: nfc: packers, cowboys, saints, vkings, falcons, and 49ers!?

afc: jets, patriots, colts, texans, chargers, and ravens! and in super bowl? ravens and vikings! who u got?

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    NFC North- Minnesota Vikings

    NFC South- New Orleans Saints

    NFC East- Dallas Cowboys

    NFC West- San Francisco 49rs

    AFC North- Baltimore Ravens

    AFC South- Tennessee Titans

    AFC East- Buffalo Bills

    AFC West- San Diego Chargers

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    1. Falcons

    2. Packers

    3. Cowboys

    4. Niners

    5. Saints

    6. Vikings


    1. Colts

    2. Chargers

    3. Jets

    4. Bengals

    5. Texans

    6. Ravens

  • Riles
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    NFC: Cowboys, Falcons, Vikings, 49ers, Packers, and Panthers (ya no Saints)

    AFC: Patriots, Colts, Ravens, Chargers, Steelers, and Titans

    NFC Championship: Vikings vs. Packers (could you imagine that... Brett vs. Aaron... it'd be intense)

    AFC Championship: Chargers vs. Ravens (no real side story there)

    Super Bowl: Packers vs. Chargers... Pack wins 27-16

  • Cruse
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    NFC North: Vikings

    NFC South: Saints

    NFC East: Cowboys

    NFC West: 49ers

    Wild Card spot 1: Packers

    Wild Card spot 2: Falcons or Bears


    AFC South: Colts

    AFC East: Patriots

    AFC West: Chargers

    AFC North:Ravens

    Wild Card spot 1: Jets

    Wild Card spot 2: Texans

    Super Bowl: Vikings over Jets

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    enable me to respond to this question as a Falcons fan. all of them could desire to conquer the Falcons, besides the shown fact that the Falcons could additionally beat any of those communities. The Bears and Seahawks could in all probability have the main hassle against the Falcons. Giants and Packers have proved themselves against the Falcons in playoff circumstances and are honestly the main possibly to defeat the Falcons, even interior the Georgia Dome. The 49ers isn't common to tell, the two communities are good, yet we've not performed one yet another because of fact that early 2010. so which you may desire to respond to your question the communities that could desire to o.k. beat the Falcons in January are: Packers, Giants, and 49ers.

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    AFC East - Jets

    AFC North - Ravens

    AFC South - Colts

    AFC West - Chargers

    AFC Wild Card - Patriots & Texans

    NFC East - Cowboys

    NFC North - Vikings

    NFC South - Saints

    NFC West - Cardinals

    NFC Wild Card - Falcons & Packers

    Super Bowl - NFC Cardinals vs AFC Ravens

    Super Bowl Winner Arizona Cardinals

  • That all seems pretty decent to me. I have the Ravens and Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

  • Matt
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    I don't have the 49ers, Texans, or Falcons and instead have the Steelers, Cardinals, and Redskins.

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    colts, cowboys, giants, titans, saints, patriots

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    Buffalo Bills All the way!!

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