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my bank of america debit card didnt work in a japan atm...?

today i went to a mall and went to the atm in japan.

i have a bank of america visa debit card and put it in the atm.

i tried to take out money, but was unsuccessful, and atm gave me a message unable to perform transaction and to contact the bank that gave me my card. i could not see how much i had in my account as well.

now i was informed that visa should work on atms in japan, so i was surprised. im now in need of that money in my account. what do i do?

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    International Cards only work at ATMs that accept international cards. Not all ATMs accept them.

    Bank of America Cards and other international cards will work at these ATMs:

    1. Citibank ATM

    2. Post Office ATM/JAPAN POST BANK ATMs

    3. *Shinsei Bank ATM

    4. 7-11 Convenience Store ATMs (10,000 yen increments)

    *Shinsei Bank works with Bank of America Cards, however other international cards might/might not work.

    Also remember Bank of America cards have a daily withdrawal limit (max you can take out each day) so check with the bank.

    Source(s): I have a BofA Debit Visa card and have 100% confirmed they will work at those ATMs. You can not however check your balance at the ATM, do that online at
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    Bank Of America Japan Atm

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    As you said, what the f is wrong? The bank card tied to my U.S. bank is supposed to work at all the post offices, but guess what? That's right, doesn't work. Theory/idea versus reality. Now I wouldn't get all angry at the Bank of America off the bat. I use a different bank and it doesn't work either. Get upset with the Japanese. It's what I do. Sounds like it is their fault, not your bank's. But either way, you are basically up the creek without a paddle. You might try to go to a bank and see what can be done. You do speak Japanese well enough to get your problem explained, right? If not, it goes back to being up the creek without a paddle. The only thing I can think of is to actually call your bank and explain the problems you are having. I'm not giving that much hope though, but it is the only thing I can think of. I mean, the lady already told you that there wouldn't be a problem. But now that means you can blame the U.S. lady and the Japanese to take your frustrations out on. Do you have anybody you know that can go to a bank with you and explain your problem? I've had similar problems with my U.S. based credit card not going through, but when push came to shove, they made a phone call and they used the old type impression thing to take my card. I hate to say this, but going to a foreign country without traveler's checks is a very, very bad idea. As you have now learned. Next time, okay? NOTE: You've at least learned something. Traveler's checks. They work every time. Additional note: I feel sorry for you, I really do. I've gone through the same kind of thing, but always had a fallback of a Japanese based credit card. Things just don't work out sometimes and you, my friend, are getting first-hand experience of that.

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    You said it has the VISA logo, but most ATMs will not accept foreign cards. The only one that accepts my debit card is 7-11 ATMs. Family Mart and Lawson only take Japanese bank cards. So try going to a 7-11. Good luck!

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    Bank of America cards will work at the Japanese post office ATMs. You can find them all over Japan. They have a green logo that you can notice easily. Here is the website to explain it:

    Source(s): Lives in Tokyo.
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    Possibly, but I'm not fully convinced

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    I'm curious too

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