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i need help with my problem. what is leukemia ?

plz help with this problem

explain in detail

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    Leukemia is a very broad term for many different types of blood cancer. It is a gross over production of abnormal and malignant white blood cells. These abnormal blood cells then lead the blood stream and affect the organs. It is basically cancer of the bone marrow or cancer of the blood depending on what type of blood cell is abnormal. This over production of white blood cells over crowds the blood stream so no healthy cells can be produced

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    There are several different types of leukemia and can be acute or chronic. Leukemia is a malfunction of the bone marrow to produce normal blood cells. Leukemia is suspected by having blood work, and the white blood cells are very high, as well aa a low hemoglobin and platelets. Bone marrow biopsies are included in the diagnosis. Treatment includes high doses of chemotherapy which always places the patient in an immno-depressed state, causing the patient to remain in the hospital for a few weeks after chemo. This is a crucial time because there are no white blood cells to fight infections. Soon after the chemotherapy is completed, the doctor will preform another bone biopsy, and most times the patient is in remission, and can return home after the white blood cells are back to normal. If your dad has to go through treatment for leukemia, give him lots of support and love. The family goes through the trauma as well as the patient. Make sure you ask the nurses and doctors lots of questions of what you don't understand.


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    try, or wikipedia. Or even type in the search box here on Yahoo Answers.

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