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Were America and Somalia Allies back in the 80s and 90s?

were they Allies or enemies back in the 80s and 90s?

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    The government of Somalia collapsed in its entirety in 1991 so there was no relationship between the two countries in 1990s. In the 80s, Somalia has shifted its allegiance back and forth between the Soviet Union and the United States, but they were more inclined to the US in terms of policy and understanding. The US usually did not make a lot of effort in establishing a deep relationship because Somalia was somewhat resistant to providing a US base in the red sea, which would have been a great threat to Iraq. In 1977, Somalia which was at the time only 17 years old waged a war against one of the oldest countries in the world and liberated the Ogaden region and further pushed into the belly of Ethiopia (As close as 40 miles to the capital). Russia, Cuba, Yemen and Libya then had to support Ethiopia, their ally, both in logistics and boots on the ground. Somalia was then pushed back. At that time, US had threatened to join the war should the Soviet allies pursue into the Somali territory, which is believed to have stopped them. So yes, there were some relationship between the two countries in the 70s and 80s but was not as strong as it could have been. At that time, the world politics were about power balance and no one wanted their friends too weak and their enemies too strong.

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    somalia was the most power full country in africa

    so, america were need for somalia help at that time in africa

    so, somalia and america were have common interest , but somalia never follow any country like other africa country do

    but right know, USA changed the formula and turned to somalia enemy after somalia center government collapsed , and that's so sad indeed !!!


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