Nobody notices me, I feel really depressed?

Hey guys...I really need help, and I'd appreciate it a lot if you read the details.

Well, what can I say...I'm practically invisible at high school. No-one notices me. In one of my classes there are only 6 people in it - I only really talk to half of them. People in that class ask the other people about what ranking they came for each subject, or what they do, or whatever...

But no-one asks me, even though I do those subjects.

One person in that class asked the others if they were going to keep the subject next year. They didn't even bother asking me. That person also said later that, to the two people he usually talked to, that he was keeping the subject. Those two people he talked to were dropping, and they said that he was gonna have to hang around John and Catherine(two names I've made up to represent the remainder of the class), jokingly. But...they didn't even refer to me. They didn't even consider whether I was going to keep the subject. I wasn't even considered as competition in the subject, even though I did well.

I bet half the people in my grade don't know who I am. I know I'm shy, and ver self concious...and I know the reason that nobody notices me is my fault. But I find it something really difficult to overcome!

I do drama, and I'm quite good at it. When I'm on stage, I'm a different character, someone whose voice projects clearly for people to hear(unless I act one who does otherwise). I don't care what people think as I'm performing, because they know I'm performing someone else and not lousy old me. I recently was in a play a few days ago, but all I could think of was that people would think:"what's she doing on stage? isnt she a shy plain girl or something?" or "who the heck is she?"

(when they look at photos or see me when im not performing)

I remember I was practicing drama and every person that walked by said something to one of the people I was practicing with. I felt so much envy. I didn't hate her...but it stung me inside, and reminded me a little of my stupid life.

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    Get help to deal with your shyness so you can learn to stand up and speak up when people in your class ask questions even if it's not directed to you! Like the question about keeping a subject next year, once everyone had said yes or no you could of said, yeah I'm keeping it or not! This would of brought you into the conversation. Hopefully since your in high school these class mates would be mature enough to include you at that point.

    Speak to you counselor about getting help for you shyness or ask your parents to get you help! This is something that you really should try to move on from so you can live your life to the fullest!

    By the way your life isn't stupid! Life is what you make of it, if you choice just to sit back and do nothing about this well it's your fault. But you have the choice to stand up and take charge of your life! You can turn this around but you have to want to do it for yourself!

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    Mostly depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in our bodies and sometimes it occurs in response to stressful life events. Whatever the cause - the most important issue is that you seek help so that you do not have to live with these unpleasant feelings. It is not necessary that you suffer with all these unpleasant feelings. Depression is a treatable condition that can be brought under control with medication, therapy or a combination of both. If you were a minor it would be important that you let your parent know how you have been feeling so they can assist you as you go through this difficult time. If they have trouble recognizing that you are depressed and feel that every body goes through this phase, ask them to at least get you evaluated by a mental health professional because you feel it is more serious than just a phase. If your depression gets to the point that you feel like hurting yourself or are scared of what you might do, then you need to seek help immediately. You can call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room. Good Luck with this & Take care always..

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    I know exactly what your going through. I move round so much its really hard to fit in at each new school, but you know what, its not them, its you, you have got to get some confidence and jump into the conversations. If those people were mentioning people in the other class and rankings and things you should have said 'Oh yeah and how about . . . . .. .' and just spark up a conversation about the common subject. Its hard at first but it gets easier trust me, and I know how depressing it can be, you basically feel like no one is there for you, noticing you, you feel very trapped inside yourself. Bring the confidence you have on the stage to the schoolyard if you get me. It wont be easy. Try talking to shy people at first and see what they are all about, then you might find its easier to join in conversation.

    hope this helps ok

    good luck


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    I've felt that way. That no matter what I do, i'm invisible. Well, I like to take pictures, and as I started to take pictures in my school, people started to talk to me. I think the best thing to do, is to do the thing you love. If you love doing drama, then do it! Just be yourself. Don't be so self conscious. Make a few friends. You don't need a lot to make you happy. Don't think about what people are thinking of you, it'll make you be someone you're not. Just be yourself and let life do the talking. And your life is not stupid. No ones is.

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    Ok....Usually I am pretty harsh with people but I am going to try to put my opinions to you in the most sensitive way because I think you deserve the best treatment.

    I think your lack of self esteem is killing your spirit. You will never be anything if you can't defend yourself or show your talents to the world. A low self image can come from many different sources and I must say to you the source is irrelevant. The most important thing is that you feel confident from now on - The future is Everything!

    I think the best thing you can do for yourself is let go. Let go of what others do, let go of what losers they choose to be in their loser group, let go of what you hear people think of you, let go of everything anyone thinks/says of you. Being GREAT is not about what others think or is you rising to your true potential and realizing this. Believe me when I say that when you get to this point, people will want/need to spend time with you at every opportunity.

    I think you need to focus on what you need to do in your life and concentrate on making everyone around you disappear. Great people who have risen to be presidents, scientists, actors, etc were not popular in school. I have found from experience that the popular and good looking people in school usually end up in boring and very ordinary jobs..... You have to remember school is not Life! Life will teach everyone many different lessons and I would bet money on the fact you will be an extraordinary person.

    Chin up, keep focused and be famous on the inside. :-)

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    I read this and your just like me. I love to act and i do feel some kind of invisible in the high school. Me, i felt invisible in theatre production class and felt like no one will be my friend except for half of them. I knock my shyness down and shown my socially active side. That's how people notice me. Being shy is ok, but you need to open yourself more and show people who you really are. And people who don't include you in conversation are selfish. They probably just asking the kids who they know didn't do well. I know its difficult to be your own person in that very strange school, but its something you have to try or be forever not notice. Also express how you feel when someone distracts you in something you WILL be famous for. Don't worry about other people. Keep your head high and feel that no one can distract me not only on stage but in reality. Then someday they will try to become your friend.

    I know from my particular experience is that i am shy and boys used to get at me. imagine getting ranked for the type of girl you are? I hate boys, i literally do. They use to bug me and not include me in anything. But some point in my life i had confidence and had my own group and inside jokes and now its like people wants to hate on me and be me.

    That's what i'm trying to say to your life..its just an open path. Don't envy losers...focus on one else shouldn't keep you day people will notice you bcause your like in alot of productions (rite).

    Plzzzz dont care what people do...I'm telling you one day in life they will try to talk to you

    But this is just my opinion...proably wont get to you though

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    No One Notices Me

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    high school can either be hard or fun. to have fun you have to loosen up express yourself in your clothing or how you act. first alwayss have confidence it really makes a difference ppl notice when ur not confident. second do something new and fun when you go back to school like get a new hairstyle and a good smelling perfum from victoria secret or somewhere lol (ppl will notice).third open up talk to ppl even people in your class you dont know just say i like your shirt(or any compliment) or start a conversation like this class is so boring.fourth do something like join a club do a sport it helps meet new ppl

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    Maybe you could sit with some one at lunch and start up a conversation and ask the people questions so they will respond back to you and maybe start talking to you. By the way do you have any friends? If you do maybe they could help you find friends.

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    Cure Social Anxiety Shyness -

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