Victoria Secret job Q's???help me plz if u can(:?

hello, ive been wanting to get a job during this summer and i think Victoria secret would be a good place to get an exciting job.but i have many question if anyone can please help me these are my questions.


1.)will they hire me if im only 17, do i have to look older?

2.)what is my percentage of actually getting a job there?

ive never had a job therefore i have no experience what so ever

3.)of course i just want a summer part time job will they give it to me.

4.)dress code, what exactly do yo have to wear?

is it suppose to be a constant fashion show everyday?

5.)is the work there difficult?

6.)do u have to be well informed about bras and underwear to get the job?

7.)how much do you get paid?

im actually very oblivious and clueless when it comes to victoria secret i don't really go in there a lot nor do i shop there but it looks very interesting and i like to try new things.

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    1 decade ago
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    u go there fill out an app...say that u would like to work there cause u like to work with people

    no experience necessary they train u

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