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How do you pronounce "Iran" in English?




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    Apart from Iranians and nearby countries, the BBC probably gets it right the most, although they can go overboard when pronouncing Chinese and Hispanic names. As far as I've heard, only Americans, and maybe some Canadians, but less so, refer to it and Iraq, as Eye-ran and Eye -raq.

    This causes much mirth in England and Europe and furthers cultural stereotypes, much as Bush used to say "nucular", when the word "nuclear" has no way logically to be pronounced like that.

    OTOH they really don't care what others think since it works for them and they don't need to talk to people who have different ways of talking, at least usually. So the situation becomes eye-relevant and they don't become eye-rascible, although if challenged, they may legitimately become irate i.e. Eye-rate.

    Source(s): BTW: In Iran do they call our county Amer-eye-ca? (when it's not the Great Satin that is? Dunno what a fancy cloth has to do with Satan though...)
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    How Do You Pronounce Iran

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    ee-raan, the Americans say eye-ran

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    in new york we say eye-ran

    ee-raan is a more proper pronunciation though. like if a native iranian person were to say iran they would use ee-raan. and even when you say iranian it is pronounced ee-raanian

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    I don't curl up my tongue. Put your from teeth together, tip to tip. Elevate your tongue but do not touch the teeth or top of the mouth. If you are pronouncing the "r" in read like the "wr" in write, wrong ... you are pronouncing the letter right. The w before the r is silent.

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    Ee-raan. Predominantly used by a lot of English speaking countries. Is used by native Iranian speakers.

    Eye-ran is also correct. Predominantly used in American pronunciation.

    Take care :)

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Do as you're doing but avoid rounding your lips. If you do, you end up producing a 'wr' sound as you described. Instead, try leaving your lips in a neutral position, that is, neither rounding nor spreading them.

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    I laugh whenever i hear people say EYE-ran or I-ran. What happened your Eye-ran to the market lol or I-ran to mommy when i see a ladybug lol. Anyways people just need to to read and pronounce their ABC's and A-E-I-O-U (you know what i'am talking about lol) more, then again the way people pronounce things vary greatly from state to state.

    Iran is Pronounced Ih-ran, ih-RAHN (Eh-ran) not eye-ran. Ok that not easy to for alot of people ,so here a link to hear it pronounced properly.

    Here a link to hear how its said (with American accent :) )

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