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Which is the actual baby: the sperm, or the egg?

Is it a sperm cell that eventually grows into a human baby, or is it the ovum that is, in essence, a baby that isn't yet born?

I.E.: When a man masturbates, is he killing off just sperm cells, or is he actually killing off POTENTIAL HUMAN BABIES?

Please, no smartass remarks about how dumb a question this is - if I wasn't serious about it, I wouldn't ask.

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    Technically, he's killing off half-babies. Both the sperm and the ovum hold half of the genetic code. All ova have an X chromosome, and sperm either have an X or a Y chromosome. One can't create a baby without the other since it would be missing half of its genetic code.

    Don't worry, it's not a dumb question. :)

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    The sperm and the egg each contain 1/2 of the genetic material needed. Physically the egg is much bigger, but the important contribution of each is the genetic information. On their own, neither an egg nor a sperm is a baby. They have the potential to form a baby if the sperm reaches the egg and can fertilize it before another sperm gets through the cell membrane of the egg. In a typical fertilization situation, you have a bunch of sperm getting nowhere near the egg, a small percentage getting to the egg, and one that manages to get through the cell membrane to fertilize the egg. Once fertilized, the egg has a complete human genome, a unique set of its very own DNA which has the plans for the entire unique adult person it will become.

    (Technically the egg actually also contributes all of the mRNA, but this is really a very minor point that has to do with organelles.)

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    Sperm. Forgive the simplistic explanation, but this is what I recall from science class. Human chromosomes are paired; women have XX and men have XY (for gender). The egg contributes one genger chromosome and the sperm contributes one. The woman only has Xs to give, so the actual determination of the baby's gender depends on whether the sperm that reaches the egg is carrying an X or a Y.

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    I was there when our son was born. After he came out the doctor puled the EGG SACK out of the womb and threw it into the red hazard waste container. The sperm is the only living thing of the two. The egg holds the Chromosomes inside that the sperm needs to become the child (Which is why it is trying to get into egg in the first place). The egg itself WITH the Chromosomes INSIDE can not be part of child because it is discarded after the birth. So the egg is the CONTAINER for the Chromosomes inside the egg and when the sperm gets inside the egg it absorbs the necessary Chromosomes, DNA, and genes from the mother it needs to become the baby.

    Think about any pictures or videos you may have seen with the fetus floating inside a bubble of liquid in the womb. The bubble is the EGG and the liquid inside the egg is the Chromosomes, DNA, and genes from the mother. When the coated with dead sperm egg sticks to the wall of the womb because of the blood build up in the womb prior to the period. That is when the umbilical cord becomes attached to the fetus for the food , air, and such from the mother (The egg must attach itself to the wall of the womb for the umbilical cord to develop and connect to the fetus for the fetus to survive).

    By the way I do not think the egg get absorbed back into the body of the mother. If the egg is not coated with the sperms that do not get into the egg that dies sticking to the egg while it was trying to get into the egg, the egg will not stick to the wall of the womb (They do not swim away just because one got in. They are compelled to get in). When the egg sticks to the wall of the womb it prevents the monthly period because of the conception. The reason for the monthly period is to wash out the unfertilized egg(s) from the womb that ovulates once a month.

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    It would appear the sperm would grow into the baby as it is already alive and swimming around like a tadpole. the female egg doesn't do anything but supply food for the sperm and a place to grow. I also think the first

    human type creature was self reproducing. It didn't need a male, like the komoda dragon, which can reproduce with or without a male.

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    Neither. They are both just cells, until they join together and form into more cells that become a human fetus.

    Saying that when a man masturbates, he is killing "potential human babies", I think that of course a sperm is a "potential" baby..... BUT, even during sex, that results in pregnancy only one of the sperm will penetrate the egg to form a baby. So with that logic, you could say that even then you are killing potential babies. Which is silly. Also, going along those lines on the women's side of it: every month a woman releases an egg, if it doesn't get fertilized by sperm then it gets reabsorbed into the body. So you could say that a woman kills a "potential" baby every month lol. That's just my way of seeing it at least.

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    think of the sperm like a tadpole what people be saying is bull the guy creates the baby not the girl she just has the egg which the sperm cell makes its way into to be fertilized. it's like seahorses the male fertilize the eggs but for humans the female does so no she does not create the baby the male does cause are sperm is the life form. what the woman has is just an egg people need to learn before they say stuff

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    The egg becomes the baby, but it cannot do so until it has received chromosomes from a sperm cell.

    As far as male masturbation, you could argue it either way. On one hand, the sperm doesn't become a baby, so it's just a waste of a pile of cells. On the other hand, both a sperm cell and egg cell are necessary, so a waste of sperm still represents a waste of fertility.

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    The sperm and egg are each cells.those two cells must combine to create a living human being. Before they combine to make that baby they are just cells with genetic information from the parents. The egg contains the mothers dna and the sperm contains the father's dna.

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    A sperm carries either an X or Y chromosome, while an egg only carries an X chromosome. When the two pair, the chromosome carried by the SPERM determines whether it is a boy or a girl. XX - Girl XY - Boy

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