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Do you miss your childhood pet?

My friend maxed out of his account today and asked me to ask this.

I love animals, and I was extremely upset when our Golden Retriever Scott died at age 11. I think I was the only one out of us 3 kids who was impacted by his death. We rescued him when he was 3. The veterinarian said he wouldn't make it past 8 because of the neglect, malnutrition as a puppy, and a bunch of other health problems. Our parents were too focused on work and trying to raise us. My older brother cared more about not contracting cooties in the 2nd grade, and my little brother was too young to understand about what was happening.-The sad part? I was 5. My older brother was 8, and my little brother was just 2.

From then on, I just knew I wanted to help animals.

Side Story: 3 years ago, we adopted a German Shepherd puppy we named Travis. When Scott died, my parents buried in our back yard. Everyday, Travis goes and just lies by his grave for an Hour. It's really nice and it makes me love Travis even more. He's actually sitting beside me right now as I type this.

Let me make him type something: jlk;adfs03'

Haha, not sure what it means. I just paced his paw on the keyboard of our laptop.

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    cute story =) he should do something that has to do with pets. =P

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    Of course I miss all of my childhood pets and feel the same way that you did. When you are a kid there is not much you can do to control a situation like that. I know it still hurts, worse than loosing a human friend or family member. Heck it still hurts me 20 years or more back but all we can do is focus on the hear and now. Speaking of the hear and now, have you possibly considered a career in the field of Veterinary Medicine or something animal based? Sounds like helping animals is something you would be great at. The field needs truly passionate people helping.

    Source(s): Same story, different animals. Now going back to school to become a Vet.
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    I wish I had a childhood pet to miss. The only pets we had were hamsters and parakeets. They're both great, but not as fun as a dog. I really wanted a dog. So when I moved out of my parents place and got a little, nice (and old, but still decent haha) beach bungalow, I got myself Golden Retriever puppy. I named him McGee. I still have him and I love him. He's my man who takes long walks on the beach with me. (: That's my story.

    Source(s): The past and the present
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    I just got my first dog when I was 10, and we still have her. I'm 16 now, and I love her more than anything! I have cried thinking about what I will do when she dies, and I always know that she is the best dog in the world and even later in life after she passes on and I get another dog, she will still have been the best dog ever.

    Could yall help with mine;_ylt=AgLh7...

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    Of course i miss her.had her for almost 6 years. i alaways wonder where she is and if shes ok.

    (we had to give her away when we moved)

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    I definitely miss my childhood pet. I had to give him away when we moved. No idea where he is & how he's doing now. ;-;

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