horrifying human resource manager's act! Can you imagine?

Last weekend I had a few drinks with my American friend who got an HR job. He knew I was leaving USA after a week as I am done with my Bachelor's degree and want to look after family business. After a few drinks we were discussing about the US market conditions on which he said a horrifying statement to me - "I just discard the applications of international students and candidates without even reading them, or no matter even a candidate is well qualified, I just discard their applications." Can he do this kind of act? Is this ethical or a sort of racism?

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    10 years ago
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    he can, and it is not ethical and is racism, but it happens. Then again, it is possible that it may be legit that the company simply doesnt bother to go thru the immigration paper work of hiring foreign students and candidates, assuming that they are equally qualified for the jobs as the american applicants in all aspects.

    it has been found that, even if all applicants are americans, applicants with foreign family names are less likely to be screened in for interviews

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  • 10 years ago

    Yes he can as some companies don't wish to be exposed to all the requirements of hiring non US employees. Also many times the only time a company can hire someone other than a US citizen is if that position meets certain requirements, get a waiver, and file all the proper paper work. If it is a key position the company may have to go through a sponsorship cost which is very costly. It is not racism as they are doing it with all. I understand your concern but it is that way so jobs are kept ere in the US. That being said this is also why some companies have offices or certain aspects of their business in foreign countries. I hope this helps you understand it better and wish you all the best. Good luck

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  • 4 years ago

    Human Resources departments deal with all staffing issues in their company, and keep the staff records. This includes policies and procedures relating to things like annual leave, sick leave, disputes, disciplinary procedures, work-life balance. The department will do the paperwork for new starters, leavers etc, and recruitment may be included in HR. More senior staff will be involved in giving advice over workplace disagreements and so on. The HR Manager will manage the department and will probably have a hand in determining the organisation's HR policy. To be much more specific depends on size of the organisation and which it is.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think you should stay out of it. It is not racism, it is a violation of the EEO, not ethical at all, unfortunately, he can do whatever he wants with the applications, he is in charge of the hiring.

    You can report him and send him lots of trouble, or you can just talk with him, he probably had some

    bad personal experiences and reasons he feels it is best he do that. so ask him.

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