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Florida Unemployment?

Why do you think Florida's unemployment is 5th highest in country? What is it about Florida that makes it so high? Is it just our residents?

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    You're right totally. The unemployment rate in Florida is 11.2% above the national average of 9.7% and it ranks No.5 in the country. The main cause is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The fishing industry over there is going down day and night. The government spending is increasing, but it is not enough, still.

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    This is an At Will state - except for minority or sexual misconduct you are as the lady said toast. They can you in multiple ways. For anyone who thinks this is a good idea and Unions are bad they should think and think hard if they really can at what this means to them and theirs. Up front - low minimum wages, flex employment meaning do what you are told when to do it, minimum weekly work hours, reduced or high cost benefits, limited to no retirement and on and on and on. yes Florida - some call it the Sunshine State, that is they with money and vacation folk, but all I can say is by experience the SIN STATE - rule by OLIGARCHY!

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    Would you rather be a bum in Florida or in some state that has a miserably cold winter? Outside of agriculture that freezes every other year (oranges), Florida has little industry except tourism.

    Source(s): M.A. Economics 1968
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