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how do i get a flat stomach in 2 months?

im 16, i weigh 126, and im 5'3. i need to get a flat stomach before school starts in 2 months. i exercise but it hasnt helped me any and i dont eat excessively any suggestions?

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    Ok, your problem is that your probaby doing the same routine over and over again. The body automatically looks for the easiest way to take a break so when you get into a routine for longer than a few months, it is not as challenged and so does not build muscle in the same way.

    You need to mix it all up a bit. Of course squats, and pullups are not great for improving your six pack, as they work the hams/quads/glutes and the bis and shoulders respectivally.

    IF you want great abs, there are a few things you need to do/know.

    1) Fat is your enemy. If you have a sugary diet and are not burning all those carbohydrates from the sugar off, it will mask your fantastic 6 pack. Cardio is your ally here, you need to raise your pulse reasonably high (look on t'internet for heartrate zones as when we train in different zones, different things happen to our body)

    2) You have 4 main muscle groups in your abs: Internal Obliques, Externa Obliques, Transverse Abdominus and Rectus Abdominus.

    The rectus is the bit you are trying to improve. Some suggestions:

    Basic crunch.

    Swiss ball crunch

    You will also need to work the Transverse Abs with:

    The Plank

    Plank with feet on med ball

    Floor swipes

    Dead Bug.

    You need to work this as it stops a little paunch from deveoping at the lower part of your rectus abdominus.

    Internal/External Obliques;

    External -

    Bicycle crunch - this is ace as it works the obliques plus the rectus

    Side plank

    Dont forget to work your lower back with front raisers too!

    I would carry on but it's been a long day!!!

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    Well it sounds to me like your at a good weight for your height. I'm a 45 year old mom who has had six children and my life has been dedicated to staying fit...For the stomach muscles there are many different kinds of exercises...I like crunches and dancing. But when I exercise I exercise alone so I can sweat and move the way I want :) most of the time I look silly when I exercise. :)

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    Diet watch what you eat and eat healthy. Running and jogging at least a mile four to five times a week. Lower Abdominal crunches help too. I'm thin that's what i do.

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    Aw xD only 5 ft tall. Btw if you have comcast tv they have more then 50 different work out programs in different areas you can do(:

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    Don't just eat, eat healthy and don't just exercise do some cardio to lose burn fat and then do *ab specific routines* to build your abdominal muscles.

    Source(s): This website has been helpful for me because they are specific and provide videos http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/abs/
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    I too would also like to achieve your goal. I bet these people are just gonna give you exercise and healthy food stuff.

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    Run, pilates, diet.

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