Spain vs. Chile: What did Estrada do?

I have never seen such a "GREAT" simulation before! Torres sucks!!! I have seen many simulants in football, but this was the "GREATEST". The most terrible is that the defender Estrada didn't EVEN TOUCH Torres, and this guy just fell, and the Mexican referee gave Estrada the second yellow card, and then a red card!


I want to praise Chile for their will and bravery. They played almost for 50 minutes without Estrada!)

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  • Alex R
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    1 decade ago
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    He tripped on his own foot. This match suspension should be revoked.

    Here's what disturbs me most. Torres clearly tripped on his own foot, which means he would have felt it was himself and not Estrada. He knew but said nothing. If there was any honesty, he would have went to the ref and told the truth.

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    Estrada clipped Torres from behind - maybe by accident. Torres felt the contact & went down.

    I am not standing up for Torres but you can't condemn his act w/o also saying something about the tackles coming from the Chileans. From behind & studs showing. That's a red card. Those tackles are on purpose & are meant to injure. Alonso from Spain copped a nasty tackle just like that which I'm sure will affect him.

    Torres was also kicked before in retaliation - that was a send off as well.

    I am not Spanish either.

    De Jong from Netherlands is another dirty tackler. The Paraguayans as well. NZ with elbows. Protect the players from these sort of tackles & they wont have to resort to tactics to even the score.

    Source(s): He didn't trip on his own foot - player clipped his foot while running. Not a dive - looked accidental. Don't bother looking at youtube - too small of a screen to notice.
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    Well first of all Chile did do good considering they only had 10 players on the field.

    But Estrada clearly clipped Torres on his foot making him fall over ( the slow motion video they showed on CBET showed it clearly.) Plus, he's been lingering near Torres from like the beginning of the match.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That was horrible tsk. Torres should be ashamed but even more the ref.

    I respect Chile greatly.

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