Why do I like rain? Maybe a psychological reason?

I REALLY love the sound and feel and smell of rain. Sun annoys me because it's boring and makes you sweat and smell gross.

Rain is so relaxing and beautiful to me, I was wondering if anyone else is like this.

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    I'm not so hot on the smell, because I just don't like asphalt and rain. It's a bad combination. Rain in a forest might be better...but yeah I'm with you on this as well. I love the rain over the sun. I always feel as if the sun drains your energy instead of sustaining it. It sucks. I also HATE sweating. I do it so much. I'm not fat or anything, but I'm tall, so I'm a bigger guy. The heat gets to me more. Rain is just a sign of peace and refreshment. Ahhhh, it's about to rain here now :) Oh, and in answer to your question, this happens because of how we originally associated the weather pattern with our mood. For instance, if you were having a really brilliant day and it was raining, you might subconsciously develop a habit where you get happy when it rains. Likewise, if you had a bad experience with the sun, you will tend to not like it as much. Another way to explain this is with your least favorite food. What is it? Mentally think of it in your head. There's probably a really good reason for why you don't like it. Did someone try to force it down your throat when you were younger? Did your first experience with this food give you food poisoning and you threw up? These could be factors that affect how you feel about that food. It's all association and it's all in the mind :)

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    Well, as long as your name isn't Edward and you don't sparkle (sorry, couldn't help it), there are a couple of perfectly normal reasons. First off, you're probably not a morning person, just like I am. Whenever I don't have to be up early for work, I quickly gravitate towards staying up till the morning and then waking up at noon. Some people are simply night owls. The second thing, which is probably also true, is you most likely either don't like noise, or don't like crowds of people. Notice that you'll go to the park at night, not a dance club, or a bar. You want to enjoy the outside, but when it's more quiet and you can be relatively undisturbed. Maybe it's your job/school/personal life that feels hectic enough to where your free time you want to spend when there isn't much noise or too many people around. Or maybe you just really like the peace of mind when the time seems to slow down when it gets dark. Just like it feels like everything is more mellow and slow when it's raining or snowing outside (or at least it does to me). There could be physical issues too, like your eyes may not like the brighter light. I don't know much about that, but I think it could actually be a symptom of a couple of pretty serious things, so if you feel physically uncomfortable in the daylight, you should probably see a doctor. I'd say that this is perfectly normal, you're just not a morning person and you have the luxury of not having to be one right now. So enjoy it while you can. P.S. Do try to spend some time outside during the day though, you need that vitamin D and a little bit of sunshine can be good for our mental health too. Maybe go on a walk/hike somewhere that's not too crowded during the day once in a while.

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    Why do I like rain? Maybe a psychological reason?

    I REALLY love the sound and feel and smell of rain. Sun annoys me because it's boring and makes you sweat and smell gross.

    Rain is so relaxing and beautiful to me, I was wondering if anyone else is like this.

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    I Like Rain

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    We are kindred spirits (although I do like he sun, too)!!!

    The consistent, drum-beat pattern of falling raindrops has a very calming and relaxing effect that allows me to steal away in my thoughts and contemplate, dream and reflect. I do my best poetry and short story writing when it’s raining!

    You mention a lot of sensory perception in your post: feel, smell and sound. To me, that says that the rain helps to put you in touch with what's truly inside of you, which is the essence of the spiritual side of life.

    Like tears, rain represents stormy weather, cleansing and new beginnings! Painful experiences cause you to cry but those tears help to cleanse your soul of pent up emotions, frustration and pain. And when you're finished crying, you "recover" and start all over again!

    The world seems to be renewed in the same way, after it rains. The grass stands a little taller, the leaves look a little brighter, the streets seem a little cleaner and a new beginning seems to start. And when a huge, bright rainbow appears you almost can't stop yourself from believing at that very moment, that something good is out there at it's end!

    I discovered a poem years ago and as my kindred spirit, I want to share it with you. (I'm almost willing to bet you would like the "Anne of Green Gables" movie series too. That’s how kindred spirits work)! If you haven't seen it, rent it from your library when you get a chance!

    You've talked me into a peaceful and wonderful mood, now let me do the same for you! Go to the link below, and enjoy!

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    Haha, me too. I love the scent of the rain. Especially after the rain. I like mud and that... I have no idea why people like sun... it just makes me burned. It's raining right now, though I'd rather not go out; it's thunderbolting outside.

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    Totally wih you on that one. I hate the store after rain products but the natural rain with asphalt, forest, anything it's all just amzing. And I love thunderstorms! The rain makes me motivated and some times sleepy.

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    i can appreciate summer mornings and evenings but i do not enjoy being out in the open when its very hot. i always have to wear a hat or sunglasses. after i've spent a few hours out in the sun, i feel lethargic and drained, even though i keep hydrated. i do not enjoy the sun. I LOVE RAIN!

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    I like rain too because it replenish water storage for human drinking supply, boosts plant's turgor pressure so they grow healthy, and activates stormwater mitigation facilities like wet detention basins and bioretention cells.

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    I agree with you quite a bit. I just love the sound of steady rain hitting the roof at night. It is relaxing. A lot of people also like the smell of rain. Rain feels good as it cools you off.

    Heat can as you say be gross because most people sweat a lot and then (stink) and it can make you feel sticky and when the Heat gets close to your body temp you get miserable because you can't cool off.

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