spybot search and destroy?

i have a laptop which my daughter uses but shes only 10 so i am the administrater on it and ive had it 6 months or so with spybot on it which i run regular but its now telling me that the immunisation is incomplete and it wont let me do it as it says the administrater has to do it and i am!!!

also i have superantispyware and it wont let me update it as the administrater has to do it and like i say i am does anyone know what the problem is ive had them both on now for 6 months without a problem i also have avast which is working ok

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  • 10 years ago
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    For Windows:

    Instead of simply clicking on the SpyBot application to run it, right click it, and choose run as administrator. As for SuperAntiSpyware, I don't know, sorry... Anyways, hope that I helped!

    Source(s): Occurs with my games and such.
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