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looking to get tanner(: helppp!?

kayy, so, summers here FINALLY(: and i plan on getting wickedd tan in the next two weeks. im going to be naturally tanning out in the sun, which i know takes a while and doesnt have that much impactt. so are there any oils, lotions, or anyyyything that i could use before going out in the sun to make me more tann? please tell me specifics, and where to get it, and how much(: thanks loves <3

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  • victor
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    In my experience tanning in the sun gives a better color that lasts longer than that from the tanning bed, but it might be because I live in So Cal where the suns really strong :)

    But anyway to get a good tan in the sun you should use a good tanning oil or lotion with little or no spf

    tanning oil is best because it attracts the sun's rays to your skin making you darker faster

    I use Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil which I bought at Walmart for like $7 and it works great

    Always make sure the UV index is going to be at least 6 (you can check this on

    the higher the UV index is the better

    tan between 12 and 2 o'clock when the sun's rays are their strongest

    Stand up and see which direction your shadow goes and lay in this direction so the sun is hitting you directly

    And make sure you don't burn! Start off tanning for like 15 minutes on each side and slowly raise the time each time you lay out till you reach an hour or more for each side

    Well hope this helps!

  • ?
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    OK well there's this lotion that i'm absolutely in love with, it's called ocean potion and it's SPF 15, which is perfect because I don't get burnt (burning causes skin cancer) and it also allows me to tan too. it has a specific formula that keeps bad rays out and lets the "tanning" rays in. You can get it at walmart I"m sure for around $10.

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