Reverse racism? What our society on television is like?

So our SRC teacher was just talking about racism and how it's all bad. But then she made us realize something, something called "Reverse Racism." How on cable, there are channels just dedicated to Asians, then for blacks. And how a majority of popular channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, and Disney Channel have a shockingly lack of Asians. What are your thoughts on this?

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    1 decade ago
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    Shocking lack asian? Theres a way i never heard it said before. But your right. Asians are probably the least represented people on tv. But thats not really reverse racism when there are channels devoted to a certain "cliche" of people. I mean spike TV is TV for men and lifetime is for women. There is also a channel for LBGT. Its more like marketing to a certain demographic

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    this is just like the black history month question...

    What is a few stations specifically designed for blacks, or asians, or telemundo..etc., when 75% of other channels are geared toward white people?

    Not saying that BET or the asian channel or telemundo are musts or that I watch them, but seriously...stop trying to cry reverse someone else said, racism is racism.period. But this here is not a case of racism. Just because CMT or disney or MTV doesn't say "For White people" in bold letters, doesn't mean that practically all of the actors on the show aren't white.

    I never play the race card, and I'm not bitter about slavery or anything, but honestly, this question is tiring!

  • Tim M
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    1 decade ago

    There's no such thing as reverse racism. There is only racism. It's not true that major networks have a shortage of Asian actors, and it's not racism for a channel to reflect a particular racial community and its cultures.

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    No thoughts, I don't care.

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