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Michael S asked in SportsBasketball · 1 decade ago

Official NBA Free Agency Predictions?

The draft is over last night. We had many changes. The bulls and the heat have upped there chances of landing big name free agents next season. The heat have enough cap space to sign 3 max contracts and the bulls have enough cap space to sign 2 along with derrick rose and jokim noah on there roster.

I believe that the bulls will get Lebron James and then chris bosh or amare stoudamire.

Everyone is saying that the bulls will sign chris bosh... but what people are forgetting is that the raptors want to do a sign and trade.

The bulls can make that possible by trading away Luol Deng and Taj Gibson for Chris Bosh.

They would save a little more money in order to be able to sign another mid level player like possibly Ray Allen.

Ray Allen goes to the bulls because the celtics are getting older and Doc Rivers is not coming back and he would be going to a coac that he is really familiar with. This is what I think the Bulls line up will be next year

Jokim Noah

Chris Bosh

Lebron james

Ray Allen

Derrick Rose

Flip Murray

Chris Duhon

Brad Miller

James Johnson

Jarvis Hayes

other minimum salarie contracts

The Miami Heat I think are in a good place to land more then 2 max contracts. P

Pat Riley stated that he did what he can to clear up cap space and he would love to build a team around Michael Beasley. I think if the heat can not find a way to trade him then they will keep him and add around players.

I think they will start a duo with Wade, Joe Johnson, and Carlos Boozer. That is 2 max contracts and Carlos will not get a max contract.

They will have enough money to resign Udonis Haslem to a smaller contract and then I think go after another center like Brendan Haywood or they might resign Jermaine Oneal, since Oneal and Boozer have played with each other on the same AAU team and have known each other for a long time. They also have 2 great young second round big men that they drafted last night.

I think they will go out there and resign quenton richardson to a smaller contract and I believe they will land a good free agent point gaurd like Raymond Felton or Luke Ridnour. Here is what I think there line up will look like

If they do keep Michael Beasley then they might want to put him at the small forward position but I dont think he fits there and instead would be a great player off the bench. resigning haslem would then become harder since they would have beasley off the bench

Jermaine Oneal

Carlos Boozer

Joe Johnson

Dwyane Wade

Raymond Felton

Michael Beasley

Mario Chalmers

Quenton Richardson

Dexter Pittman

Jarvis Varnado

Carlos Arroyo

Da'Sean Butler

This will leave some more free agents out there like David Lee, Amare, and Rudy Gay.

I think the Suns and Knicks come up with a sign and trade where they will land David Lee from the knicks and the suns send amare

They will then trade for Darren Collison and Emeka Okofur by sending Eddy Curry and Wilson Chandler to the hornets

I think they will go out there and resign al harrington and tracy mcgrady after they realize that is really all they can do since melo is going to sign an extension.

They will have a line up like this

Emeka Okofur

Amare Stoudamire

Danillo Gallinari

Tracy Mcgrady

Darren Collison

Al Harrington

Bill Walker

Toney Douglas

Jerome Jordan

Andy Rautins

Landry Fields

Earl Barron

Rafer Alston

I think that Rudy Gay will sign with the Nets as they will over pay him and then I think that the clippers will get josh howard while the celtics replace ray allen with john salmons

This is what I think right now as of today... this hour and right now. I might change my mind an hour from now after I hear more news and rumors.

I want to know what you think will happen. Who will go where and will the Chicago Bulls and the Heat get what they want after clearing up all of the cap space.

Give me your predictions for this years nba free agency.

Where will these free agents be playing next year and how

Lebron James

Chris Bosh

Dwyane Wade

Amare Stoudamire

Joe Johnson

John Salmons

Rudy Gay

Josh Howard

Raymond Felton

Allen Iverson

Brendan Haywood

Carlos Boozer

Dirk Nowitski

and any other players that you might want to list.

Sorry for writing too much but I write for bleacher report so I ma used to writing huge articles. I have not been on to yahoo asnwers for a long time but decided to ask a quetion and get the basketball fans thoughts. THANKS

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  • 1 decade ago
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    LBJ-NY reason- this is a ne knicks franchise and they will compete year in and out.The past is done the cap is clear and its time to win. CHI- thats mj's house and the jordan-james comparison will be too much. Clevland- if lebron goes to clevland he will never win a ring.

    CB4-NY reason- not just to pair up with lebron but to show everyone he really is the best 4 in the game and y not go from hiding in the snow to having ur face all over times square

    D-WADE-MIA reason- D-wade just wants a little help i wish he would come to ny cause lbj may be bigger and stronger but as of right now d-wade knows how to win and lebron doesnt. Wade is the man and theres not much more to say and he will be a knick killer like MJ and Reggie

    AMARE-MIA reason if wade can win a ring in his third season almost single handed why not make himself better by playin next to him. Amare is a top flight PF but he's not better than cb4 except he filled out and cb4 didnt.

    J JOHNSON-CHICAGO reason- i just have to say that j johnson is the most overrated player in the nba. Know i say that he will be a knick but he really isnt that good and hes nowhere near a max $ player. if i had to pick a hawk i would pick josh smith over him he will be there to shoot while d rose does all the work.

    j SALMONS- NJ reason this guy plays his heart out all the time and he can score. He and AJ will fit good there

    R GAY- MIA reason mia has the money to spend and a starting five that has wade,gay,amare as the 2-3-4 that team will be the best in the east they just need a new coach

    R ALLEN-ny reason the celtics are gonna rebuild and why not share a back court with cp3 and have lebron and bosh on ur side. Also he and gallinari can kill the three point line.

    CBOOZ-CHICAGO reason Taj is Garbaage and the bulls have no loyalty and boozer has shown his.

    DIRKHEAD- PHO reason steve nash or jkidd i think with amare gone he will come in and try to win a ring with the man who made him who he is steve nash the suns shooting more threes can be scary.

    JHOWARD-nj reason avery johnson.

    D LEE- utah reason boozer in chicago lee will fit so good in utah.

    Also- Chris Paul will be traded to the Knicks

    Hedo Turkalu gets traded to jazz for nothing good

    Michael Redd goes to orlando and has a good healthy season

    vince carter to charlotte

    Source(s): sorry for writing so much but i have alot to say bout the subject and never get an oppurtunity. to say it. I hope its the free agency we have all been waitin for and i hope the nba can have a bunch of happy teams in this free agency
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  • Lisa
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    LeBron James- Cleveland Dwyane Wade- Miami Chris Bosh- Miami Amar'e Stoudemire- New York Joe Johnson- Miami Dirk Nowitzki- Dallas Carlos Boozer- Utah or Chicago David Lee- New York or Chicago Shaq- Cleveland Ray Allen- Boston

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lebron James - Chicago

    Chris Bosh - Chicago

    Dwyane Wade - New Jersey

    Amare Stoudamire - Nicks

    Joe Johnson - Nicks

    John Salmons - Clippers

    Rudy Gay - Memphis

    Josh Howard - Sacramento

    Raymond Felton - Washington

    Allen Iverson - Drunk in Atlantic City spending his last dime

    Brendan Haywood - Miami

    Carlos Boozer - New Jersey

    Dirk Nowitski - Dallas

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lebron James - Cleveland

    Chris Bosh - Cleveland

    Dwyane Wade - Miami

    Amare Stoudamire - Phoenix

    Joe Johnson - New Jersey

    John Salmons - IDK

    Rudy Gay - Memphis

    Josh Howard - Sacramento

    Raymond Felton - Miami

    Brendan Haywood - Miami

    Carlos Boozer - Miami

    Dirk Nowitski - Dallas

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  • Anonymous
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  • 1 decade ago

    My predictions:The bulls will get joe johnson and chris bosh,the nets will get amare stoudamire and rudy gay,the knicks will get lebron james,ray allen and shaquille o neal,the heat will keep wade and get carlos boozer and nowitzki resings with dallas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    lebron - bosh - wade - miami

    amare - knicks

    boozer - some craphole like toronto to replace bosh

    gay - back to memphis

    johnson - mavericks

    salmons - Milwaukee

    ai - donzo

    dirk - suns (bff with nash)

    Felton - bobcats

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lebron- knicks

    wade- knicks

    bosh- knicks

    amare- knicks

    joe johnson- knicks

    carlos boozer- knicks

    drik- knicks

    rudy gay- knicks

    t-mac- knick

    ray allen- knicks

    david lee- knicks

    al harington- knicks

    Source(s): the truth
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