Do I need to get a new vehicle registration for being a new resident of Texas?

I am in the military and got stationed here in TX in FEB10. I know I am exempt from having to get a Texas registration/title/drivers license, but my inspection sticker on my car (from MA) expired so I had to get a new one here in TX. If I have this TX inspection sticker, but have my registration from MA (which doesn't expire until APR 2011) will I get in "trouble" (fined, etc)? Do I need to get my TX title/registration/drivers license ASAP?


I won't be going back to MA. Ever.

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    Go to a Department of Public Safety. Texas Highway patrol and ask them. If you are out of State from Mass and cannot get back for the inspection then you may have to get a Texas Inspection. Not sure of the procedures, so ask the police.

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    You will be ok. As long as your inspection is fine, you will be ok. TX does not require you to transfer your registration and DL, but you will need to show your military ID with your MA DL in all official situations (tickets, courts, airports, etc.) I also found that you can drive on an expired MA DL and registration OUT OF STATE as long as you have proof of being on active duty.

    Also, if you transfer registration to TX, your insurance premiums will explode. Again, you do NOT have to transfer registration and DL to TX.

    Source(s): Non-native Texan, had to do this myself.
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    No, you don't need to convert your registration or license to Texas. You merely needed to go to and fill out the form, and then get an inspection done in MA within 15 days of your return home.

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    If you think that you will be in Texas for at least a year or longer, you may as well go ahead and transfer everything now.

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