Is there any way to find out if a person has a legal paralegal certificate?

Is there any way to find out if a person has a legal paralegal certificate?


Without asking them

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Without asking them. This is a legal question, not job searching, or anything like that. I am being scammed, and would like to find out how I am able to find out if a person has a legal license.

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    First of all, to accurately answer this question, one would need to know what state this is taking place in. Since you did not give that information, I am going to tell you what I know, as a working paralegal in the State of Texas.

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "legal paralegal certificate" or a "legal license" to be a paralegal. As such, there is no way for you to find out. Paralegals are NOT required, in many states, to "register". We aren't like attorneys. We don't get assigned a membership number to the Bar Association and can be sued for malpractice. There are many states, like Florida, that are pushing voluntary registration; however, there is no statewide and/or nationwide regulation system for paralegals. At this point in time, anyone can call themselves a paralegal and get away with it because there is NO regulation. Granted, I know Texas is working hard to change all of that, but that is still a long time away. Anyone that possess education and/or work experience who works under the supervision of an attorney can call themselves a paralegal. You can work as a paralegal for a decade, have no formal education and you can still call yourself a paralegal. The field does not require you to have a "certificate". There are proper certifications you can have, but they aren't "certificates."

    You don't give details about what you think you're being scammed over, so I have to over generalize. The only thing a paralegal can be charged with is the unauthorized practice of law and of course any law they broke. Every state is different on the punishment. There exists no association you can lodge a complaint with.

    A paralegal is NOT supposed to give legal advice, sign legal documents or practice law. If this person is doing any of these things, you need to go to an attorney. Period. That is your only recourse. He/she will be able to tell you what laws they broke and you can sue them personally.

    For those of you out there that are just randomly reading this answer...NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER hire a paralegal over an attorney. Just because someone works in a law office doesn't mean they understand what they are doing. There are many ignorant "paralegals" out there that think just because they know how to use ProDocs or have filed thousands of divorce petitions for an attorney that they can do it on their own. We DO NOT attend law school. I know saving money is an attraction, but you will NOT be happy when trying to save money cost you more than you bargained for.


    The poster who said all persons of the Court has to register with the Bar is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Only attorneys have to register with the Bar. Of course that paralegal wasn't registered for the Bar, she WASN'T an attorney.

    Source(s): Paralegal - State of Texas Member of the Texas State Bar Paralegal Division
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    all persons acting for the court of law has to register with the state bar in the state they are working in if they are not registered do not use them you are better off doing it all your self

    Source(s): experance i was in a custedy case that i lost because she was not legal to practise law in the state of texas
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    Ask them.

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