What is there to do in Chicago, IL?

Me and my family are planning our annual road trip. We live in New Jersey and we're trying to figure out where to go. My mom brought up the idea to go to Chicago but we have no idea what there is to do there. So people give us some ideas on what to do there or anywhere in general near Jersey. Thanks.

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    well i just got back from Chicago yesterday and these are the things I did there and liked a lot:

    1.) Navy Pier - it has a big mall all along the pier and at least 4 great boat rides. We happened to go on the Tall Ship Windy and it was great. Also at Navy Pier is the ferris wheel, the carousel and the wave swinger ride. There are many resaurants inside, including a food court. We also saw the fireworks, which are relatively short and go on two nights a week.

    2.) Chicago Federal Bank of Reserves - it's pretty much a money museum. They give out free bags of shredded money and let you take free pictures with a briefcase with one million dollars inside!

    3.) Millenium Park - A great place to go for a picnic, there are stores and restaurants and HUGE sculptures such as cloud gate or "the bean", and the towers that spray jets of water in the summertime.

    4.) Sears Tower (Now the Willis Tower) - it is somewhere around 1,800 feet high and has a sky deck where you are free to take pictures out the many windows, or walk out on a bulletproof glass box on the top floor with a see-through floor and walls. This was by far my favorite thing in Chicago!

    5.) The John Hancock Building - it is only slightly smaller than the Trump Building. I wouldn't reccomned going there because it is expensive. Plus, the Sears Tower is MUCH better.

    6.) Chicago Institute of Art - I love art and we saw little house models, drawings by Monet and other famous artists.

    7.) Watertower Place - a GIGANTIC shopping center with stores such as the American Girl Doll Store, and traditional stores like Macy's and Forever 21.

    8.) The Field Museum - a great museum with lots of exhibits such as Sue the dinosaur (a REAL t-rex. The biggest ever discovered and preserved) and a gem exhibit. We are actually going to be in the promotional video for the new global warming exhibit!! so exciting!!

    9.) Cheesecake Factory - a great restaurant with amazing cheesecake and serves lunch and dinner!

    10.) Tour Bus Rides - There are two main ones in Chicago, either Grey Line tours, or Chicago Tours. We took Grey Line, but I heard both are great!

    11.) Lincoln Park Zoo - a giant zoo with lots of great animals and places to eat. Plus, it's free to enter!

    12.) Shedd Aquarium - a HUGE aquarium with lots of exotic fish and dolphins and a whale show.

    Those are just some of the things we did in Chicago, there is also:

    The Adler Planetarium & Space Museum

    Buckingham Fountain

    ESPN Zone

    and many others!

    ***One thing I reccomend is the Chicago Go Pass. It only costs about $60 or $70 per adult, and you can get into most of the attractions above for free.***

    So, if you have the chance to go, just do it! it's great fun!

    Source(s): i just visited there :)
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    It depends on the lifestyle you're looking for. Chicago is a large cosmopolitan city, Austin is smaller and has more of 'college' feel. It's not quite the 'hippy' town it used to be due to all the businesses that have been relocating to Austin in recent years, but it still has that feel in a lot of respects. Chicago has the theatre/fine arts/ballet, and Austin has a lot of live bands and that sort of thing. I live in Austin and I can tell you it is a great city to live in - it's very pretty, the people are friendly and will take the time to help out strangers. And for the most part it's nice and laid-back. There is not a whole lot of crime, and it's a pretty safe city overall. If you're planning to have kids at some point, Austin would be ideal. The drawbacks are that Austin has long, HOT summers. Sometimes it can reach temperatures of 110++. I will admit that I don't like the hot summers very much. But if you can handle it, I would say Austin is a great choice for you. Chicago winters are also brutally cold from what I hear, so that's something to be aware of too.

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    Millenium Park Navy Pier, Macy's on State Street, Museums, Theaters, Lincoln Park zoo, Many Great bus and Boat Tours,

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