Do you think Dev Patel will make a good Prince Zuko?

Well I like the Avatar series very much but I'm not very happy with the trailers of The Lats Airbender. First of all, the series is funny and the movie doesn't seem to have any humor in it. I'm not very happy with the castings either, especially Aang. But I feel Dev Patel seems ok for Zuko (who is my favorite character). Anybody else agree?

The effects seem to be awesome though! :D

For anybody out there who hasn't seen the trailer yet

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    1 decade ago
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    I think that as for the lack of humour so far in the trailers is probably just because they're...well, the trailers. They're supposed to be serious and epic and all to attract viewers, but I honestly think that as of the most recent ones there will still be comedic parts in it. Since it's only an adaptation of the series I full well expected changes, but I heard that recently Mike and Bryan rejected one of the scripts that was written up, which I think will still garuantee that they'll still be staying true to the show. I hope...^^

    And as for Zuzu, I currently am getting used to his scar...I mean, I think it'll look okay, as real scars go. It's still all there, just not quite as dark; but it still deforms his face and all. As long as they let his hair grow out in the later movies, I think Dev Patel will do a great job. He's already mastered his cranky-face. :3

    Plus I'm also really excited about the effects :D

    But again, I'm hoping...;3


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    omg i couldn't agree with you more about the lack of humor in the trailers for the last airbender! i actually am quite happy with dev patel playing zuko. at least he looks the part(except for the scar) and seems like a good fit for the character. but the actors they got for aang and sokka!?!?! what were they thinking!! hopefully the trailers are just teasers and the movie will be more like that cartoon that it is based on. i agree with you that the effects look great though. and if you want to watch a trailer you should go to's the offical website).

    Source(s): i love the show!
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